Automated farm record keeping, the story of Thomas Brodshaug

We have recently reached out to farmers in Norway to get their feedback from using eFarmer farm record keeping and field guidance app. Below is a testimonial from Thomas Brodshaug, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Name? Thomas Brodshaug
Where do you live? Norway
What do you grow and what is the size of your farm? We grow grass for dairy cows and biff cattle.
How many people and machines do you have on your farm?  We are 2 people and 3 tractors at the farm. Beside own farm, we also do some contracting for other farmers.
How did you get involved with eFarmer? I was looking for an easy way of documenting work and stumbled across your web page.
What was the reason you chose us? The web page gave a good impression, and after testing the record keeping I was happy with the result and the ease of use.
What things are you able to do with eFarmer that you couldnʼt before? Keep a good updated work record by using my phone.
How easy was to get to know the app and set it up? Setting up the app and using it was very easy, and didn’t create any frustrations at all.
Did you use eFarmer support, how was your experience? I have used it once and I am very happy with the response time.
Why would you recommend us to someone else? Compared to other systems I have seen eFarmer offers a good system for record keeping and guidance to an affordable price. It is also in my opinion an advantage to be able to use standard tablets or phones.
If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with eFarmer”, what would you tell them? Easy to use and keep your record safe.

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