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27% off on Full Fieldbee tractor autosteer system with RTK L2 receiver. Get yours for only 4880 €

Limited offer from 25th till 30th of November

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Don’t miss the Best FieldBee autosteer solution on Sale

What will you get:

FieldBee Tractor GPS navigation app

No need to buy expensive terminals

Main functionality:
Tractor navigation with 5 patterns
Field record keeping
Autosteer functionality
and more

FieldBee L2 RTK GNSS Receiver

Best farm machinery GPS receiver that receives RTK signal

Main tech specs:
1 cm accuracy with RTK signal
20+ km signal radius via WIFi
2+ km via radio
8 hour autonomous work on batteries

Mechanical Autosteer kit

Reliable and easy to install solution for 1000+ models

High precision
Easy to install
Easy to change between machines
Has built-in terrain compensation

Offer price 6684 euro 4880 euro + VAT Black Friday price

Farmers trust only farmers

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When: 25.11.2020 | 16:00 CET

How to install the system?

Do it yourself

Read tutorials, manuals and watch how-to videos. Set up online appointments with the Customer success team for initial set up. Try and adjust your system with us.

Be ready to spend time on it and keep communication with our team

With your local mechanic

Local mechanics with experience of installing auto steering systems by Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet will be able to install FieldBee autosteer on your tractor. We will provide tutorials, manuals and how-to videos.

Be ready for additional costs from your mechanic.

By authorized partner

Installation service by FieldBee engineer or local authorized partner can be available upon request in some countries/regions. Contact us to find out more about this option.

Paid service with guarantee of high performance.

Your questions answered

Autosteer kit is a reliable solution that is used by many companies such as Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet etc. It is: easy to install, easy to change between machines, fits a wide selection of vehicles, has built-in terrain compensation. Main components of FieldBee auto steer kits are: MDU-G4 mechanical drive unit which is a high performance steering actuator designed to provide high precision steering when coupled to a GPS system. The MDU was designed for ease of installation, portability between vehicles and a long service life. The MDU-G4 uses a reliable high torque DC motor and a robust and simple gear drive for fast and responsive steering under all field steering conditions. The unique split gear design and quick-release latch makes for an easy installation that does not require the removal of the steering wheel so you gain time and are also able to easily transfer the unit between vehicles. ECU-S1 controller – is a high precision electronic controller that provides automatic steering capability to the vehicle. The ECU-S1 controller receives guidance information from FieldBee navigation app on Android smartphones/tablets. The ECU-S1 can be installed easily on most agricultural vehicle makes and models.
A smart sensor that improves accuracy – the best farm machinery GPS receiver with RTK signal, developed during a crowdfunding campaign.
It has high and stable accuracy, easy to install, easy to change between tractors and works with autosteer.

Main tech specs:

  • 1 cm accuracy
  • 20+ km signal radius via WIFi
  • 2+ km via LoRa (radio)
  • first RTK signal in <30 sec
  • WiFI connected
  • 8 hour autonomous work on batteries

Download full technical datasheet

We are delivering tractor navigation and auto steering software directly to your smartphone or tablet. That allows you to save costs on expensive terminals as well as get new functionality and be always up to date with new technologies.With FieldBee tractor navigation application you can:
  • Drive parallel lines in many patterns
  • Keep records of your field operations
  • Measure your fields
  • Work at night
  • Mark obstacles in the field and many more.
You can use your Android smartphone/tablet and all your data will be synchronized with your computer. We are constantly improving applications and adding new functionality with app updates. You can use one account for many devices. Check requirements for smartphone/tablet here
FieldBee tractor GPS system uses smartphones and an Internet of Things (IOT) architecture, making the solution affordable, updatable and modular. It works with local RTK providers, achieving 1cm accuracy and offers free remote support. Read comparison with other systems here.
You can save up to €120,00 per hectare. Also the saving on labor and worktime with 0,4 hour per hectare substantial. Savings depend on your fields size, crops and many other factors. You can find an example of calculation of the payback here.
The best way is to contact our Customer Success team via WhatsApp +49 2651 95 29 735 or email [email protected] We will identify the reason and will proceed accordingly. Main issues can be solved through our remote support sessions. Otherwise we provide 2 years warranty for the system and 90 days warranty for cables.
You should have an Android tablet or smartphone version 8.0 and higher to optimally use the navigation app.

You might also need additional accessories that can improve your comfort while using the system:
  • Android tablet – larger screen, bigger buttons, no phone calls that can interrupt your work.
  • Rugged case to protect the tablet – prolong the lifetime of your tablet.
  • Solid tablet holder – make it easier to work with the app while driving.
  • Cigarette lighter splitter – will allow you always to have all your gadgets charged.
Delivery for this offer is December 2020. Costs for delivery vary from country to country and will be specified by the sales team.
With this offer you will receive the following:
  • L2 RTK GNSS Receiver
  • ECU – controller
  • MDU – steering actuator
  • Generic anti-rotation brackets
  • Metal plate
  • A set of cables
  • RTK Unlock
  • Wi-Fi router for tractor
  • FieldBee app 1 year licence
Package normal price 6036
Black Friday price 4830

Save 1800 Euro today and up to 30% of your costs already next season

Perfect rows and more free time as a bonus.

FieldBee autosteer with L2 RTK receiver
Normal price 6684 euro
Special price 4880 euro + VAT Black Friday price
From 25 till 30 Nov 2020

Delivery December 2020

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