Best Christmas present for a farmer

Special offer ONLY for women in agriculture

Best Christmas present for a farmer

Special offer ONLY for women in agriculture

Are you a farmer's wife?

Do you want to see your husband more often at home?

Less stressed with more energy?

If all YES,
FieldBee Manual Guidance system
can be a great Christmas present for your husband.

About the product

FieldBee L2 Manual Guidance system consists of the best farm machinery GPS receiver developed during crowdfunding the campaign and tractor navigation application for smartphones.

FieldBee tractor navigation app


  • No need to buy expensive terminals
  • Constant improvements with new app updates
  • New functionality with app updates

Main tech specs

  • Tractor navigation with 6 patterns
  • Field record keeping and synchronisation with the computer
  • Autosteer functionality
  • Mapping
  • Working at night
  • And much more

FieldBee L2 GNSS receiver


  • High and stable accuracy
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to change between tractors
  • Upgradable to autosteer

Main tech specs

  • 1 cm accuracy
  • 20+ km signal radius via WIFi
  • 2+ km via LoRa (radio)
  • First RTK signal in <30 sec
  • WiFi connected
  • 8 hour of autonomous work on batteries

Special offer ONLY for women in agriculture

25% off on FieldBee L2 Manual Guidance system Get yours for only 1064 euro (SAVE 354 euro)

Offer is valid until 30 December 2020

What will you get?

One of the best tractor navigation system that can help your husband next season to:

  • Do planting/seeding with higher precision
  • Spent less time in the field and more time with you
  • Be less stressed
  • Spend less fuel, fewer seeds, fertilisers and other materials
  • Collect harvest in time even in case of low visibility
  • Get satisfaction from perfect rows
  • If happy with manual guidance - upgrade to an autosteer system and get even more benefits.

Numbers from Manual guidance only

Save a minimum of 10% of your time

Save 20-40 euro per Ha

Get more rows as result better yield

Best deal price 1418 euro 1064 euro + VAT

Is this offer for you?

We would like to give away one L2 Manual Guidance to one lucky family. Would you like to try your chance?

  1. Place a photo with your husband in the field on your social media (Instagram or Facebook)
  2. Leave the tag #happyfarmerswife and tag us @efarmer_fieldbee on Instagram or @fieldbee.efarmer on Facebook
  3. Wait for the results. We will contact the winner on Christmas, 25th.
Good luck!


We offer a 30 days money back guarantee that will start from the product activation

2 years warranty

Our goal is not to sell but to make farmers and their families happy


FieldBee Manual Guidance is a reliable solution for precision agriculture start. It consist of FieldBee Premium Tractor GPS Navigation App and FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Receiver. In the package you will get 232RS cables, manual and metal plate (optional, extra).
L2 RTK GNSS receiver, FieldBee tractor GPS navigation app (12 months premium subscription), RS-232 cable (optional, extra), metal plate (optional, extra), user manual.
FieldBee tractor GPS system uses smartphones and an Internet of Things (IoT) architecture, making the solution affordable, updatable and modular. It works with local RTK providers, achieving 1cm accuracy and offers free remote support. Read comparison with other systems here.
You can order FieldBee L2 Manual guidance with 354 euro off from 11th till 30th of December. Delivery 7-10 days.

Save 354 euro and spend more time with your family

FieldBee Manual Guidance with L2 RTK receiver
Special price 1064 euro
From 14 till 30 Dec 2020

Delivery January 2021

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