FieldBee in the Fields: Tractor Navigation on an Organic Farm in South Africa

Are you still wondering whether the FieldBee tractor navigation system is for you?

It’s time to shed some light on how farmers with very different backgrounds can benefit from the product.

In our FieldBee in the fields series, we are sharing the stories of our proud users in their own words in order to show how the system works in practice.

It is really interesting to see farmers all around the world working with FieldBee. The system assists farmers in their field operations in several different countries and on very different types of farms.

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Organic farming in South-Africa

FieldBee even found its way to the North West province of South Africa. Pieter Hölscher uses our navigation system on his organic farm in Ottosdal. He came across the system online and he chose FieldBee because of the affordable price and the good quality.

Pieter’s farm is located in Ottosdal, Northwest province, South Africa. He plants yearly maize, sunflower and dry beans, all organic and he also have cattle. The total area for planting is 286 hectares.

The reason for choosing the FieldBee tractor navigation system

Pieter needed a navigation system to get higher accuracy and collect more precise data during every field operation. In the future, he would like to increase accuracy even further by upgrading it with automatic steering.

“I have found eFarmer via searching on Google. I purchased the product because of the idea you had and the price. I expected a good quality product and that is so far what it is. I hope to solve autosteer for the future and to get more precise data every season, from planting up to harvesting.”

eFarmer Remote Support

We offer remote support the help set up the FieldBee tractor navigation system and to solve any issues our customers might encounter.

Pieter faced some challenges when setting up the system which he could overcome with the help of our support team:

“It looked great, but had problems with my tablet that hung, because of too low internal memory. I still have to buy a new tablet to adopt  to the gps system. I started up by learning how it works, reading the setup and by chatting a lot to eFarmer technicians. Yes, I struggled a bit, but I love the software and hardware.”

One benefit of the FieldBee is that we are constantly improving its performance with new software updates as well as improving the setup process, to make it really easy-to-use.

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Record keeping with the eFarmer app

Pieter uses FieldBee to navigate in his fields with higher accuracy and he would like to equip his tractor with automatic steering in the future. Moreover, he emphasized the importance of recording and analyzing data to make field operations more efficient:

“the hectares planted, cultivated and for the future when I harvest. This gives me more details on fuel used, man hours spent to do work, fertilizer input etc. I would like to use the same gps to do spraying for me, when harvesting to give me details on the dryness of the crop and what tons per hectare I am getting.”

The eFarmer app can be used for more than just navigation. It offers features such as record keeping and crop history.

You can automatically add the type of operation, area covered and materials used automatically to the field report from the GPS tracking. Moreover, you can also create geotagged notes in the fields. As a result, you will be able to view your field report and export it to PDF.

Finally, Pieter told us that in the future he would welcome

“a drone tractor system for the future to send the tractor to the field to do the work itself.”

I’m sure most of you would agree:)

And we are happy that the FieldBee navigation and autosteer system will be able to drive with such remote control as it already has a built-in LORA module.

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