Tests of eFarmer tractor navigation are complete

It is my pleasure to inform our supporters that we have completed the final tests of eFarmer tractor navigation.
Since September 2014 we have been developing a precise low-cost tractor guidance solution. We have first developed the tractor navigation app eFarmer. It is now one of the leading apps on Google Play. However, the GPS on a smartphone is not precise enough. For field guidance, an external antenna is needed. It took us almost two years to develop antennae and mathematics around it.
Now eFarmer connects to our own antenna and is able to achieve 4cm accuracy with GSM signal and in some cases 30cm accuracy without.

No longer expensive hardware is required for precision farming.

To prove that, we have engaged in a series of tests of the solution, every week our CTO Alexey Bogatyrov and Oleksiy Steremtskiy have made at least 2-3 runs of tests in a parking lot in Kyiv. We have our beta testers testing the product in different countries, but last week we needed to test it in the Netherlands, as we were participating in two really important events F&A Next and TNW Conference 2016. We wanted to be sure when we pitched our product to investors that the app was working.
The three of us took my car and went to the nearest parking lot near ESA BIC Noordwijk near the North Sea. As the temperature last week was not fit for swimmers, there were not many people there. This gave us a perfect opportunity to test eFarmer tractor navigation.

And I am pleased to say that it works really well, both the mobile RTK and the algorithm are working perfectly in the field environment.
Good results gave us the confidence to perform well at the events, where we found a lot of interest among investors and the industry.

Soon, smaller farmers will get the benefits of precision agriculture at an affordable price.


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