eFarmer tractor navigation with GPS Qstarz BT-Q818XT

@leChristoph from Germany has tested  field guidance driving with Qstarz BT-Q818XT
It is a cheap GPS solution with 10Hz position rate update. It gives fair accuracy, enough for spraying fertilisers and chemicals. The device has Bluetooth interface and is easily connected with eFarmer app.  To do that, in the GPS source window you need to select Other NMEA Devices. Then switch to 10hz on Qstarz 818XTIn order to have a quality signal, the GPS should be installed on the roof.  
Warning, Qstarz 818XT isn’t  waterproof!
However, Christoph, being a farmer, has found the solution and installed the device into the tractor service light.
After the installation is complete, please select in eFarmer app settings GPS offset position to minus 40cm.
With QStarz BT-Q818XTChristoph got better much better GPS signal quality, than internal GPS of his smartphone. He can now work with implements that have the width of 7 meters and more.
Thank you, Christoph,  for your tests and good test results!
Alexey Bogatyryov
CTO eFarmer

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