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The best thing about the FieldBee tractor GPS guidance is that it combines tractor guidance with farm management. You will not only make parallel lines, but your operation’s details such as area that you coveredand the materials used will be automatically added to your field report and stored in the secured cloud.

Tractor GPS guidance

Explore precision farming with parallel driving

Record keeping

Save your work and automatically generate reports


Draw and measure your fields in 4 different ways

Mobile and Web

Synchronize data between all your devices

Tractor GPS guidance

Explore precision farming with parallel driving

The FieldBee tractor guidance GPS app can be used on your Android smartphone or tablet

Checking the display while driving will enable you to perform field operations in parallel and evenly spaced lines, thus reducing overlaps and missed spots

AB straight (Free)

AB straight is suitable for the regular shaped square or rectangular fields, without “non operational spots”. In this case our system will automatically draw parallel straight lines that you should follow on your field

AB curve

АВ curve is suitable for all field’s shapes and particularly for fields with “non operational spots”. In this case you will make the first run along a curved/non-straight line, after the first turn the application will create next lines parallel to the first run

Headland straight / curve

Headland is suitable for spraying operations. In this case you will make the first run along a contour of the field, set A and B points on one side, after driving around field the application will calculate all lines for field and will calculate remaining area

Saved track

With the “Saved track” pattern you can always return to the same line in the field. Itis suitable to work on a field with a difficult symmetry. It enables you to use a previously saved track as the line for tractor guidance

Record keeping

Save your work, create field records and automatically generate reports.

Field records. You will be able to input following data manually while working in the field:

  • type of operation
  • denomination and quantity of materials used (fertilisers, pesticides, seeds, etc.)

Automatic tracking. The following information can be added automatically to the field report from the GPS tracking:

  • type of operation
  • area and distance covered
  • machine used

Reports. As a result you will be able to view your field report (see example) and export it to PDF for your records. See example report.


You can create and manage field boundaries by:

Importing fields. Import your own fields in the .SHP format in the web version of our application. Drag and drop available cadaster documents.

Drawing fields. You can draw the boundaries of your fields in the FieldBee app manually using Google Maps. While working with FieldBee, all information from your field works will be assigned to the particular field, kept in the secured cloud and available at any time from any device.

Mobile and Web

Synchronise data between all your devices

With FieldBee you will be able to insert information about your operations directly in the field and work with this data later on from your office.



Login on the FieldBee website and see your records on a big screen in your office. You will be able to download, copy and share your data without any restrictions



Tablet is more practical to use for field farm tasks. The bigger screen and no phone calls will enable you to achieve better results during your work

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You can use your Android smartphone to insert data into the system while working in the field with record keeping and GPS guidance

Secure cloud

You own your data, and we keep it secure, private, and protected.

All your data is securely stored in the cloud and available at any time from any device. Our servers are located at Hetzner Online in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Care for each customer

We are always developing new features for our app in response to your needs and ideas.

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What should i know before getting started?

FieldBee tractor GPS guidance is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. But quality may be impaired due to your device specific characteristics such as low GPS signal. To get best experience from the FieldBee, check the list of recommended devices.

You are able to work with the system even without cell service. Use the “offline” mode of application and all information will be added automatically to your cloud once you get a connection.

While performing parallel driving, it is not recommended to make phone calls from your device as it can lower the stability of GPS signal. To improve the accuracy of the system we advise you to purchase an external FieldBee GNSS receiver.

Working with a smartphone and tablet in the cabin will require certain peripherals, such as:

  • Connector cable for consumer smartphones and tablets (USB-OTG cable).
  • USB extension cable for GPS.
  • In-vehicle USB power.
  • Holder for device.

The FieldBee tractor GPS guidance app is available in Google Play. Our support team will be happy to assist you with finding and purchasing the proper peripherals at no extra cost.