FieldBee RTK system is making a buzz in Belgium

We have just returned from Werktuigendagen – the biggest agricultural show in Belgium, where we have presented FieldBee RTK system our new affordable super accurate tractor navigation for the first time.

Our team was working hard to organize the event and we are very happy that it went great. We got a lot of attention and we are happy that more and more farmers know about the FieldBee.

First, we were very lucky with the weather and that we have managed to bring from Ukraine the modern art installation. Artists Evgen Handusenko and Vera Blansh created it, especially for this event. It is associated with the symbol of our new product FieldBee. The lower balls of the composition symbolize the wings of the bees, as well as the wheels of the powerful tractor, and the upper part is the satellite signal, that allows your machines to move accurately in millimetres and perform field operations with higher efficiency.

Interesting to know how do you find our installation?:) Make a comment to this post.

We were very busy all 2 days of the event. We ran a workshop with Lieven – the farmer from Veurne, that is our first and happy customer in Belgie. Actually, it was his idea for us to come to this event and tell farmers about our product.

We gave interviews.

We made delicious BBQ and almost burned down our stand OOPS:)

And we talked and talked a lot.

We have met great people, saw a lot of interest in our product and got new potential partners. We consider this event as a great success. And it was possible only because of our the-best-possible team!

Thank you for your attention.

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