How to install FieldBee mechanical autosteer by yourself


February 5, 2021 – 4 pm CET


Taras Kalinichenko, Pavlo Yuziuk


The major reason to buy an autosteer for farmers is to optimize field work and be more efficient. Spending a good amount of money, 70% of our clients try to install mechanical autosteer by themselves, but it's time consuming.

Occasionally you don't have the right instrument or not sure how to connect everything properly. For this reason we will talk about autosteer self installation, which tools are required, what do you need to know before the start and how to make everything work.

Why attend?

We are welcome you with detailed information about:
  • Which special tool self installation required
  • How to install all autosteer parts choosing the right placement, based on your tractor model
  • Connecting your autosteer to the app
  • How to test set up.
  • Common installation mistakes


Taras Kalinichenko

Customer success team lead at FieldBee. Quality assurance engineer. Experienced in installation Autosteer kits onto different tractor models.

Pavlo Yuziuk

QA and Support specialist at FieldBee. Autosteer installation experience. Worked in John Deere Ukraine.

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