How to connect FieldBee Base station and Receiver

Get to know how to connect FieldBee Base station and Receiver in the detailed description below or watch the video instead.

Before starting, you need to know FieldBee Base station working mode is the absolute position and static mode gets absolute accuracy. 

Let’s started:
1. Locate a spot where the base station will always stay
2. Put FieldBee receiver to this location
3. Open FieldBee Toolbox app
4. Tap on Location (coordinates will be copied to clipboard)
5. Locate FieldBee base station to the same spot where the receiver was
6. Connect to FieldBee Base Station with toolbox app
7. Open Base station position
8. Tap Add manually button
9. Input position name (e.g. “home”, “office”, “Field1”)
10. Tap Paste button to paste copied coordinates
11. Tap Save button; (coordinates are added to the Base station position list)
12. Tap created position and base station will apply Static mode with inputted coordinates
13. Restart base.

How to link receiver and base station in WiFi working mode:
1. Open FieldBee toolbox app
2. Connect to the FieldBee receiver
3. Tap FieldBee base station
4. Tap Add new ‘Base’
5. Input Base station serial number
6. Tap Connect
7. The receiver is linked to Base station.


  • Make sure to screw antenna onto the Base Station
  • Make sure you have signal at least from 8 satellites

To start setting up the Base station and FieldBee receiver follow the next steps:
1. Locate Base Station and FieldBee receiver outside and place them at 1-1,5 m above ground level (on an open sky leaving at least 2 meters in between receiver and base station)
2. Make sure that external radio antennas have been screwed into FieldBee receiver and Base station
3. Turn on antennas.

Here are you go, FieldBee Base station and Receiver are connected now.

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