How to use Navigation functionality

Let’s overview of Navigation Page

3 things to know before starting:

1. Your location in the centre is represented by the blue dot
2. The top right buttons provide different layers and measurement tools

– The layers: shows different map type and displays your fields borders with/without the crop (due to enabling option);
The measurement tools allow you to measure distances with a ruler path;
The measurement allows you to measure surface area with ruler area: use the points in sequential order.

3. The Location button on the bottom left ALWAYS brings you back to your current location.

How to start to use Navigation functionality:

Press the (+) button to start
1. Start with Task → here you can select an existing operation from the list or create a new one.
2. Select Field → Using one of the four options
3. Select your vehicle → you can choose one from the list or add your own
4. GPS → shows the GPS source that you are using (if you are using the FieldBee receiver you can click on GPS CHANGE SOURCE)
5. By pressing AB Straight you can see all of the available patterns (it may vary of your app subscription type: free or premium)
6. The last thing you need to do is implement width;
7. Press the arrow button to start;

Now you are ready to drive! 🙂

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