How to use Record keeping functionality

You can use Record keeping functionality for:

  • Tasks
  • Fields
  • Notes
  • Glossary


To create a new task:
1. Press (+) to select a task
2. Select a field or import a new field
3. Press save
4. Edit → add notes, make comments about work
5. Press x to back out → AUTOMATICALLY SAVES


Here how you can create, edit, and organize your farm fields
1. Choose an existing field or make a new one by pressing (+);
2. Create your field and press save;
3. Edit – name, crop.


Let’s start: 
1. Press the (+) button;
2. Select one: Note, Fixed point, obstacle;
3. Go to the field and place it where necessary, select next;
4. Edit the information;
5. Select Save at the top (check icon).


You can add important data to:

  • Materials
  • Vehicles
  • Crops
  • Workers

Press (+) to add one of the options;
Edit the information and press Save.

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