What level of accuracy do I need?

From the experience of our customers, submeter accuracy of the system (30-50 cm) can be already helpful to work on spraying operations without tramlines, to achieve minimal overlap between passes. It already allows you to work in fog and at night but can not be used for operations that require higher precision such as seeding. When choosing a smart antenna it is advisable to choose the one that can be later upgraded to the higher centimetre accuracy through additional purchase of RTK base station or connection to a local NTRIP provider. Otherwise, its usage will be very limited for only certain operations and highly likely will not meet all your future needs.

Some field operations do not require high accuracy, for example, spraying, or parallel driving with wide implements. In this case, a system that provides submeter accuracy is sufficient. 

But if you would like to have a system that can be used for all types of operations then we recommend you to go for the system with maximum accuracy.

Read more about the accuracy of the system here.

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