New Bee 5.0 app update. eFarmer app becomes FieldBee

Our team has spent the last few months on new eFarmer app update. What is new in Bee 5.0 update:

  • App name has changed to FieldBee
  • Much improved interface design
  • Faster and stable performance

eFarmer has changed to FieldBee app

With the Bee 5.0 update we change our app name from eFarmer to FieldBee.

We have launched eFarmer app in 2014 and since then we went through a long journey. In December 2015 we had the idea to create an affordable, easy-to-use tractor navigation system for farmers. Farmers from all over the world supported our crowdfunding campaign, and helped us to make a truly amazing product.

The idea of the product was ready, but one thing was missing – the name. And I remember how we chose it. We started with around 100 different names and then narrowed this list down to 20. We had intense discussions within a team. But when the FieldBee name appeared, it was a defining moment. It was unanimously accepted in a second. For us, the bee was clearly associated with the hardworking farmer who is bringing so much good to so many people.

The change our app name to FieldBee symbolizes a transformation in our company. We are launching a range of affordable precision farming products that will make farmers life easier and sweeter.“. “, – says Michael Utkin, founder of eFarmer B.V.

Update the app

New interface design

In the Bee 5.0 update, we have worked on the improvement of app design and better user experience to make app intuitive and easier to use.

1. New Launch icon with new style

2. New authorisation screen

Simplified authorization with Sign In and Sign Up screens combined to one and simplified Sin In process.

New authorisation of Bee 5.0

3. New Menu view

Redesigned Main Menu with grouped features related to Navigation and Record Keeping (Glossary, Tasks, Notes)

New menu view

4. New Navigation view

Redesigned Navigation screen and track recording view make machinery turns easier. Now you can also see accuracy and the pattern type on a button in front oso you don’t need to check it.

New navigation view in Bee 5.0

5. New record keeping view

Redesigned Task card groups all operation information with track details to make it easier to save data about your field work for future reports and analytics.

New record keeping view

Find out more about what you can do with the FieldBee app>>

Improved app stability

A lot of work was done to improve the app stability.

1. Improved task saving

Many app crashes were identified during the track saving operations. With new Bee app update you can start new track immediately after saving the previous one. The previous track will be saved in the background and you do not need to wait for confirmation notification. Later you can use the same saved track for navigation and stored data will be available for analytics.

Improved task saving

2. The optimised algorithm of calculating parallel lines

We have updated the algorithm of calculating parallel lines and lines numeration. In the new app version, they will be calculated on the background and you can continue to perform your field operations without any delays.

FieldBee (eFarmer) app is one of the first tractor navigation mobile application for Android device. It was downloaded already by more than 160 000 times in 140 countries.

The mobile application allows farmers to:

  • Drive in straight, curve, headland and saved patterns with high precision
  • Map fields and obstacles
  • Work during the night and in low visibility
  • Automatically capture field records while driving
  • Get reports about fieldwork in Excel and PDF formats
  • Achieve 0-4 cm accuracy if used with FieldBee RTK system
  • Use with the automatic steering system

eFarmer team carries on our work to constantly improve FieldBee app.

Join us in creating new affordable precision farming products that every farmer can use.

Let it FieldBee

Download the new Bee 5.0 update

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Check out the FieldBee RTK-GPS system for more accuracy.

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