How eFarmer is making precision agriculture affordable for every farmer

In our studies, we have found that the actual use of precision agriculture is quite low. Precision agriculture relies on precise positioning and thus on the Global Navigation Satellite System. And although this technology has existed for a long time, only 5% of all agriculture machines worldwide are equipped with it.
While studying this issue we met a lot of farmers, many of whom want to improve efficiency so that they can continue their family tradition. They all felt that they needed to change and adopt technologies that can save costs and improve productivity. Many of the incumbent technologies require significant capital investment. Even when such an investment is made, the results are still suboptimal as the techniques are yet to be perfected and require special skills to install and use.
eFarmer’s mission is to create precision agriculture technologies that everyone can use.
This is why we were focused on two main factors while developing FieldBee:

  • Price
  • User experience

The FieldBee is the tractor navigation system of the new generation. It is an affordable solution that is suitable for 10 hectare farms and for all field operations.

How to Use FieldBee

How to use the FieldBee


“Why is your price so low?” – We often receive this question from farmers and partners.
“At first we thought that it was a game.” – Dutch farmer.
“I recently paid €3000 for my system and it did not work, why should I believe yours does?” – Belgian farmer.
Many of farmers cannot believe that it is possible to purchase an RTK tractor navigation system at this price.
The price is low because we use the concept of target pricing and were able to eliminate many unnecessary expenses:

  • The eFarmer mobile app shows the route that a tractor should take in the field on an ordinary smartphone, thus there is no need to purchase a costly monitor. The cost of an Android tablet can be as low as €250. And you can use this tablet for other purposes in addition to on the field.
  • FieldBee antennae are sold directly on our website without intermediaries.Do you need a system with 20-50 centimeter accuracy that you will be using only for spraying? Or an RTK system that is very accurate and very costly? With steering wheel option or not? Those are the questions that farmers are discussing with their machinery dealers or precision agriculture distributors.

With FieldBee, the price for an RTK system came down to €1600. The system has 0-4 centimeter accuracy at the price of “old” submeter accuracy systems. The FieldBee is upgradable as it has a built-in option for auto steering and implementation. implements. This makes the decision to buy a FieldBee that much easier.

  • Pre-orders. When ordering the FieldBee you pay now and get your product in three months. We purchase components in advance to save on costs, we avoid bank loans and we keep our stock low to keep expenses down. We only have a small number of FieldBees in stock for those who need it asap and are willing to pay a bit more.
  • Use of modern technologies.Our engineers and developers are true innovators, They follow the latest trends in technologies, which helps us make use of new components that are both cheaper and more robust.

User experience

The FieldBee doesn’t require any complex installation. Just put it on the roof of your machine, connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and that is it. It works on batteries so it is easy to switch between machines.

  • How quickly can one set up the FieldBee and the RTK Base Station?

This is what we are concentrating on at the moment. Some clients can start working with no difficulty, while others need remote support to set up the system. We recently updated the software and eliminated many of the problems users faced. We will keep on improving the setup procedure until it becomes truly easy for everyone.

  • The fine balance between the functionality of the app and the simplicity of use.

We are developing a mobile application with a flexible interface. This allows us to add new functions such as record keeping, mapping etc. The availability of such functions is an advantage to some, but poses difficulties for others.
Our customers can continue to rely on us as we create regular updates and fine tune the system. That is why we offer our services as a subscription. To put customers at ease, we have fixed the price of an annual subscription at €100 for the next three years.


Our goal is to help farmers with the adoption of new technologies so that farming families can continue their much-needed work. We are truly committed to this goal. So far, we have made a tractor navigation app that has been downloaded by more than 100,000 farmers. We have built affordable and very accurate antenna. Soon we will start selling an affordable autosteering system.
If you like what we do, please support us by placing an order for the FieldBee here ->
Michael Utkin

CEO @ eFarmer
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