The future of farm management through the eyes of eFarmer.

In the end of March I was able to make a very useful and educational trip to our partner – a German farmer. We spent two extremely busy days together, discussing problems and challenges faced by farmers in their everyday work.
eFarm Manager prototype
We spent a great deal of time and efforts considering the prototype of our future eFarm Manager application, which is currently being developed by our team. Together, we managed to work through all the possible user scenarios and even to plan out some new use cases and innovative tools. We are envisioning eFarm Manager as a platform which not only simplifies everyday farm work by taking care of task management and assisting in collaboration process, but also as a solution, which provides automation of field documentation through integration with our parallel guidance system – eFarmer Navi
Testing User Experience in real life – in the fields
This trip also gave me a unique opportunity to immerse myself into everyday life of the actual farm. I was able to test out our products under real conditions – both in the field, behind the wheel of a tractor and in the farmer’s office. This extremely useful experience has improved my perception and deepened my understanding of the farm work specifics. It also made me aware of the factors and conditions that affect the practical use of our products.
Development Plan for eFarm Manager 
Working with our partner, we managed to plan the introduction and improvement of several existing and future products. All of them aim to help farmers save time, efforts and precious resources while carrying out field work and other farm tasks.
Our plans for the eFarm Manager application include:

  • task management and report automation
  • eFarm Manager and eFarmer Navi integration – task data exchange and work reporting
  • soil composition analysis
  • crop rotation planning
  • sowing history
  • inventory of materials
  • and also a web version of eFarm Manager with extended capabilities to: create reports, manage field maps, crop rotation and import the results of soil analysis.

Upgrading eFarmer Navi
For eFarmer Navi we also planned many improvements and extension of functional capabilities. Thess include: integration with eFarm Manager, ability to receive tasks, to record performed work and to send reports on performed work back to eFarm Manager. Automation. Easy as that!
In this way the trip gave rise to interesting new ideas, and has enabled us to sketch out our plans for the nearest future. It also filled me with a dose of healthy enthusiasm and anticipation for the great tasks ahead of us.
Gennady Aronson,
Art Director & Product Designer
eFarmer B.V.

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  • Samard Doungwichitrkul

    I am PhD student of Shinawatra University ( and my Phd, research is possible to be “Social Communication for Smart Farming”. Actually, I have been a tropical fruit farmer in Chanthaburi, around 290 KM. to eastern province of Bangkok, Thailand. It is mixed garden of many kind of fruits, mainly are durian, rambutan, mangoteen and others.
    I hope my research can make me to assist our Thai farmers to solve some of their problems eg. supplying the necessary information to them such as the weather info, pricing info and others related issues.
    I expect that I may either find or develop some social media to be a tool for farmers to support them after I finished PhD certificate then develop to be my business in the future.
    I am interested in you application. I have not studied yet. I will do later. If it can be applied to our farmer’s problem, I would like ask you that it will be possible or not to be your local Thai partner to market in Thailand?
    This is just only introduce myself for this first communication with you.
    Thank you in advance for your response and any comments.


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