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We have recently reached out to farmers in Finland to get their feedback from using eFarmer farm record keeping and tractor GPS navigation app. Below is a testimonial from Markus Turja, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Name? Markus Turja
Where do you live? Finland, Lapua city
What do you grow and what is the size of your farm?

  • barley, cumin and rape ( on the rotation also Oat & Wheat, depending on contracts)
  • the size is about 50 hectares

How many people and machines do you have on your farm?

  • one as part-time (myself) and my son during sowing & harvesting season
  • there are three tractors and combine harvester.

How did you get involved with eFarmer? I was Googling “Farming management” application which should include:

  • help for farming & field action documentation:
    • for myself
    • for EU authorities
  • GPS guidance application for equipment that I already have

What was the reason you chose us?

  • application include most of the features that I was looking for
  • possibility to use my existing Novatel GPS receiver
  • good User Interface
  • possibility to save the data to cloud (backup)

How much more money did you save?

  • time is money and I have been able to save time, especially related to spraying actions & documentation
  • regarding equipment that was already in use, maybe 1000 €

How much more free time do you have for yourself and your family? Hard to say, maybe one or two days related to spraying and documentation
What things are you able to do with eFarmer that you couldnʼt before?

  • use my Android tablet as the guidance system
  • do most of the spraying related IP documentation automatically (notes, images )
  • control the spraying action (area coverage, speed etc..)

How easy was to get to know the app and set it up?

  • application interface is clear and easy to adopt
  • the only challenge was to set up the Bluetooth connection between my Android device & Novatel

Did you use eFarmer support, how was your experience?

  • yes, a couple of emails, nothing special
  • I got feedback when needed
  • documentation & reviews are in good level

Why would you recommend us to someone else?

  • you can either go forward with the “full package = order everything from eFarmer” or use your own devices and just order the applicationFull package (apps + web)
  • full package (apps + web)

If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with eFarmer”, what would you tell them?

  • user-friendly & efficient way to start “eFarming management”

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