FieldBee in the Field: Farming in the Mountains of North-Carolina

Are you interested in how FieldBee tractor navigation system works in the field? Are you wondering how it could help you?

You’re not alone…

We receive many questions about how exactly our FieldBee helps farmers with their field operations.

Since we can’t put everyone into touch with our existing FieldBee users, we decided to ask them about their experiences and share them with you. In our new series of blog posts, FieldBee in the field, we will introduce our proud FieldBee users and their stories in their own words.

FieldBee in the mountains of North-Carolina

FieldBee helps farmers all around the world. John E. Council is working with our navigation system in a research farm in North Carolina. He was looking for a reasonably-priced, easy-to-use tarctor GPS product that helps him to save time, prepare documentation more easily and  improve accuracy.

John’s farm is located in the mountains of western North-Carolina. It’s a research farm where they grow a variety of field and horticultural crops as well as Fraser Fir for Christmas trees and have pasture for livestock.  They have burley tobacco, small grains, pumpkins, corn, and cane berries. They manage a total of 465 acres, most of the land is pastureland but some is timber and crops are grown on about 35 acres.

The reason for choosing FieldBee

When coming across with FieldBee, John was looking for a solution that would make documentation easier:

“I searched online for a way to simplify our recordkeeping.  I decided to purchase the FieldBee because I liked the idea of a low-cost GPS system designed for farmers.  I hoped to have a system that would be simple to use and minimize the use of paper for records.”

How does recordkeeping work?

With FieldBee you can record your farming activities directly in the field, save time on paperwork and export, share and print field reports.

Find out more about recordkeeping and other useful features

FieldBee on tractor

How to get started

The FieldBee system doesn’t require any installation. You only need an Android tablet or smartphone to get started, connect it to the system and you can manage everything in the app. Here’s what John did after receiving his FieldBee:

“I really like the built-in magnet and rechargeable power supply of the FieldBee. I started by connecting the FieldBee to a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet.  It took a few attempts before the tablet would recognize the antenna but it worked and immediately showed the location on the screen.”

See the list of recommended devices

Working with FieldBee in the field

As John has already been working with FieldBee, he was able to share some insights about how the tractor GPS system works in the field and what makes it ideal for him:

“So far it has done what I need it to do.  I expect it to be used for spraying and fertilizer applications the most.  It will save time for us and improve the accuracy of field treatments.  The rechargeable power supply and Bluetooth connection make it convenient for small jobs because there are no wires to connect.

I have been greatly pleased with the customer service of eFarmer.  Their desire to develop an affordable system for farmers is one of the reasons I chose the FieldBee.

I have limited experience with other navigation systems. The performance and initial cost of the FieldBee make it a great product in my opinion”.

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