Pre-order the new Precision Farming GPS Antenna

FieldBEE – The New Precision Farming GPS Antenna

Guided by the mission to make precision farming technology available to every farmer, eFarmer has created FieldBEE – a brand new GPS antenna for precision farming. This antenna offers GPS navigation with an accuracy of 20-50 cm and 0-4 cm and comes at an affordable price. We are very grateful that our community of eFarmers are pre-ordering the new antenna and by doing so helping us finance setup costs of the first batch of FieldBEE’s.

It’s been a little over a year since we launched the eFarmer Farm GPS App. (The results were astonishing!) More than 80,000 farmers from 140 countries all over the world have downloaded it. Your positive feedback helps us understand that we are going in the right direction.

Apart from the software, precision farming also requires having a very precise antenna – the cost of which is very high on the market. Only a handful of farmers can afford expensive antennae from companies like John Deere, Trimble, Novatel and so forth. It is important to note that precision agricultural technologies play a crucial role in precision farming. Smart farmers utilise precision farming to improve the quality of their fields and to reduce material costs.

For those who dream of a precise navigation system – we are happy to announce that with FieldBEE this reality becomes accessible.

How did we create FieldBEE?

We have been developing this GPS antenna since 2014.









  • We have made many static tests to understand the absolute accuracy of the new receiver.







  • As well as dynamic tests to determine accuracy in the field environment. This is the most important part of the test. It was conducted together with many of our customers in several European countries: – Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Ukraine.
  • Additionally, we have built a feature in our app, that allows you to work with providers of RTK networks via the Internet and transmit RTK correction with the receiver.







In the process of creation of FieldBEE, we were guided by the following principles:

  • Modularity – the antenna consists of several parts:
    1. FieldBEE – Rover Antenna – installed on the tractor and allows to obtain an accuracy of 20-50 cm, which is sufficient for many farmers.
    2. RTK BEE Station – extra antenna is installed in a field on a hill or a tripod / mast and allows for super accuracy of 0-4 cm.
  • Serviceability – automatically receive updates and diagnostics remotely over a mobile network.
  • The ability to use with all precision agriculture operations. To avoid the need for expensive replacement equipment in the future. This antenna can be used with autosteer, for soil sampling, for accurate measurements, and so forth.
  • Easy to install and upkeep – use of the antenna does not require any special technical knowledge. Simply install the antenna on the roof of a tractor cab and connect it to the eFarmer app via Bluetooth.
  • Reliability – water and dust proof, IP67 the standard, 2-year warranty.
  • Affordable price

FieldBEE is made with love and the latest space technologies”

How can I order a new antenna?

More than 2 years of development, 100 hours of testing and our antenna is finally ready for production. To establish production and purchase materials for the first batch of antennae, we need an investment.

We decided to ask our users to help us in the financing of these costs by pre-ordering the new FieldBEE antenna.

What is a pre-order?

You pay now with the large discount and receive antenna in 6 months. We will make a contract with you. You transfer the money. We deliver the antenna. If you do not get the antenna in 6 months – we will refund your money.

Why pre-order FieldBEE?

  • First, you get a great product – a highly accurate navigation system for a very good price.
  • Second, you will help us to finance the cost of production of the first batch, to avoid bank loans and to keep our prices low.
  • Third, and most importantly, you will support eFarmer in our movement, to make precision farming technology available to every farmer in the world.

Will we be able to produce an antenna within the specified time?

We expect to produce the first batch of antennae by 1 March 2017. However, laying another 2 months for contingencies and charges. So we hope to please you with a new antenna earlier.

To check out prices and to pre-order FieldBEE and RTK BEE Station, you can go to this website ->> Preorders open at 00.00 GMT on 13 December 2016.

Hurry, promotion is valid only until the December 23rd. Additional bonus: If you pre-order now, you will receive a 1-year FREE subscription to the eFarmer app.

Will be happy to answer all of your questions below this post.


Kind regards,

Michael Utkin

17 replies on “Pre-order the new Precision Farming GPS Antenna

    • Michael Utkin

      Hi Peter, only as a subscription. Why?
      1) Mobile phones operating systems such as Android are always updated, to ensure that the app will always function, we ask for a subscription payment. We will constantly update our app for our subscribers as well as add new and improved functionality.
      2) We are storing your data on secure servers, so you can access them anytime from any device.
      3) We have dedicated support personnel, that is always ready to provide real-time help and assistance. It is especially important during the field operation dates.

  • Peter Hare Stidsen

    Thank you for answer, Michael.
    I really think you have a great system and I am seriously considering the nav package. However as I have mentioned before it very important for us to be able to plane the tracks from the computer and use the same tracks year after year. I think simply to be able to set A B points manually in the map on the computer and then save AB for reuse when ever after. Are you planing to implement this feature ib the future?

  • David Jansma

    Hi Ive emailed several times regarding north america or US. Do you have any USA fifld bee users. Can I get the 1-4cm accuracy in US(michigan). How do I buy. Can u contact me please

    • katalin

      Hi David, Yes, we ship products to North-America and it is possible to use the system with a high accuracy of 0-4 cm. We contacted you with more information about the products and the delivery via email.

    • katalin

      Dear Sunil, to reach 0-4 cm accuracy you will need the FieldBee antenna + the RTK Bee station (or you can use the FieldBee antenna with a correction network). Yes, our app works on Android devices.


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