FieldBee GNSS receiver


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30 – 50 cm accuracy

RTK/NTRIP correction

Works with smartphone and tablet

Change between tractors

Outstanding solution for your tractor

The FieldBee is a smart sensor that improves the GPS accuracy and can receive RTK signal.

As a standalone device, it provides submeter accuracy and does not require installation. Just put FieldBee on your tractor’s roof and connect it to FieldBee tractor navigation app. The FieldBee works on batteries and connects to the Internet.

To achieve 0 – 4 cm accuracy connect the FieldBee to local NTRIP network provider or to FieldBee RTK base station

More useful information about the FieldBee GNSS receiver:

Terms and Conditions PDF
Technical data sheet
List of recommended devices
Connection to FLEPOS


● Multi Constellation types
● L1 C/A code, 167 channels GNSS engine
● Carrier Phase RTK processing
● Update Rate – 1 – 10 Hz
● RTK 2.5 cm accuracy
● DGPS <1m accuracy
● Min. velocity: 0.1 m/sec
● TPV output: NMEA-0183 V3.01
● Datum WGS-84
● Correction input: RTCM 3.0, 3.1, SkyTraq raw
data binary

Tractor GPS navigation + GNSS receiver

What you will get:

  • Submeter accuracy when used as a standalone device
  • Centimeter accuracy with connection to NTRIP/RTK network
  • All premium features of the FieldBee tractor navigation app

Best solution for farmers that:

  • has local NTRIP provider such as FLEPOSSAPOS etc.
  • or does note require high precision (grow grass, want to use system mainly for spraying, work with wide implements)

How does it work

  1. Order FieldBee GNSS receiver on our website.
  2. Download FieldBee tractor navigation app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  3. Put FieldBee receiver on your tractor’s roof.
  4. Find FieldBee antenna in the list of external devices in the app.
  5. Press connect.
  6. Start your work.

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What our customers say

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“I’m working now for two months with the Fieldbee, and I’m very pleased with his possibilities.

Hussein Kayal, Turkey

matthew-t-rader-_d6xGOanXMs-unsplash Copy 2

It was very easy to start up the device and make the connections with FLEPOS and the tablet. I have two RTK stations ( FLEPOS) in the neighborhood, one at a distance of 8 km and anotherone at 12 km.

Herman van Deyk, Netherlands


I’m very pleased that I can work with the FieldBee, particular for seeding, cultivating,  and spraying. I’ ve just to learn how to store all my parcels and even the activities that I do on my fields. So, this was a bit of my experience, with my amazing new toy, called FieldBee.”

Matthew Adam, USA

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1 review for FieldBee GNSS receiver

  1. John E. Council

    I really like the built-in magnet and rechargeable power supply of the FieldBee. I started by connecting the FieldBee to a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet. It took a few attempts before the tablet would recognize the antenna but it worked and immediately showed the location on the screen.

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