FieldBee Hydraulic Autosteer kit

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Additional benefits:

  • Can be used to achieve high accuracy on older tractors with movements in the steering wheel without the need to replace the steering column;
  • Perfect solution, when your steering wheel design doesn’t allow you to install mechanical autosteer. For example, in most of Class tractors there is no space under the wheel to install the mechanic driving unite;
  • Connects to FieldBee navigation app over WiFi.

Fieldbee Hydraulic Autosteer kit consist of:

ECU-S1 controller

The ECU-S1 is a high precision electronic controller that provides automatic steering capability to the vehicle.

The ECU-S1 controller receives guidance information from the Display device and sends steering commands to the vehicle.

The ECU-S1 controller is compatible with multiple Displays and FieldBee navigation app for Android smartphones. The ECU-S1 can be installed easily on most agricultural vehicle makes and models.

Hydraulic steering valve

Hydraulic steering valve a part of the Hydraulic Autosteer kit, directing the pressurized oil supplied to and from the cylinder and the metering section. The metering section “meters” out the pressurized oil to the steering cylinder.

When the tractor is driving on a straight road, the steering valve remains in position and the fluid flows through the system and into the reservoir.

Wheel angle sensor

The Wheel angle sensor is a core of hydraulic autosteer. The sensor exactly determines steer points. It matches the steering wheel with the vehicle’s wheel.

Located within the steering column, the steering angle sensor always has more than one sensor packaged together in a single unit for redundancy, extremely high accuracy, and diagnostics.

Adjustable linkage rod arms help to achieve a perfect ratio with the steering wheel on your tractor.

Get your Fieldbee Hydraulic Autosteer kit

System installation

Solution requires professional installation. We provide installation service by partners in: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. In other countries, service can be done by local specialists with experience of installation of hydraulic steering auto steering systems.

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