Farmers and Technology in Agriculture

Three years ago, I met with a few IT (geeks.) who had spent seven years working on amazing precision technology in agriculture – together we have become eFarmer. Since then, I have fully devoted myself to this company, passionate to make farming SMART. Prior to making this life-changing decision, I took my car, my wife and my kid for a 20 day round trip to visit farms in France, Germany and Italy.

It was the first time in my life where I got to meet the farmers. And I enjoyed it very much…
My 3 key takeaways from first meeting with farmers are:
1. I have realised how important this profession is. What can actually have a higher value than growing food/feeding us? Perhaps, raising your children and defending your country. I saw REAL people, real men and women. Who were happy with their lives. Who love driving cool tractors, work outdoors, take care of the cattle, watch young sprouts every spring…Who LOVE being farmers. Their work has true meaning and fulfils their lives.
2. Farming is a very challenging, difficult job to do. You need to be able to wear a lot of different hats and be an agronomist, a veterinarian, a builder, a contractor, a mechanic, a manager, a salesperson or even an accountant. However, from my experience, accounting is what almost every farmer despises most. Farmers are facing huge challenges on a daily basis. First, they need to prepare and have everything in place to start each season. What to plant and when to seed are only a few decisions out of thousands that farmers need to make. One poor decision can ruin everything. There also goes a lot of hard work into the field and you need to face challenges trying to drive a tractor in parallel lines on a field without any guidance and orientation especially during the night or during low visibility conditions such as during foggy weather. Even if you do everything properly, your harvest can at any time be destroyed by the weather or eaten by bugs or pests. And it is difficult to know at what expense your hard work will pay off at in the end.
3. Technologies can help farmers. I realised that our technology in agriculture can create solutions that farmers are waiting for. Only a handful of them can afford expensive precision farming products from John Deere and Trimble and farm management systems from SST Software. The problem is that every farmers needs these high precision farming technologies to work with higher comfort, improve the quality of the job, reduce waste of materials, avoid obstacles on the field and be much more efficient. These attributes help farmers pass their land on to their children and future generations while maintaining optimum land conditions. I will never forget the first time I made a trip to go and visit farmers. I have since then fallen in love with visiting our users in different countries, making new friends and witnessing how they use eFarmer to achieve better farming.I truly believe that with precision farming technologies and farm management systems farmers can be more efficient and profitable.
Therefore, farming technologies should be available for every farmer in the world – and this is what we have devoted ourselves in eFarmer. 
I would love to hear from you, it would be great to see your comments under this post!
Written by Michael Utkin,
CEO, @eFarmer



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