Tractor navigation, the story of Colm Kelleher

We have recently reached out to farmers in Ireland to get their feedback from using eFarmer farm record keeping and tractor GPS navigation app. Below is a testimonial from Colm Kelleher, who kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Name? Colm Kelleher
Where do you live? Cork, Ireland
What do you grow and what is the size of your farm? Grass-based dairy farm; 200 acres
How many people and machines do you have on your farm? 1.5 labour units; 1 main tractor for GPS use.
How did you get involved with eFarmer? Internet search looking for GPS guide
What was the reason you chose us? App based; uses google maps, can take unit easily to any other tractor, can use phone or tablet for display, reasonably priced.
How much more money did you save? Hard to be precise so soon after getting it but I see the savings in reduced overlaps and spreading too far away from the last lap for fertiliser spreading. Applying fertiliser in difficult to see conditions will be very beneficial as fast changing weather conditions in Ireland could delay applications otherwise. Wider spread bouts will save time and diesel.
How much more free time do you have for yourself and your family? None to be honest but I do get more done where I might have to hire a contractor otherwise.
What things are you able to do with eFarmer that you couldnʼt before? Spread with confidence that the expensive fertiliser is being placed accurately, on occasion I can work at night in order to get a job done before the weather breaks!
How easy was to get to know the app and set it up? Easy enough to get started but needs a good youtube tutorial.
Did you use eFarmer support, how was your experience? Yes, excellent.
If someone called you and said “Why should I do business with eFarmer”, what would you tell them? There genuine, good support, they are listening to what their customers want and will have a leading product.

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