Vineyards and Precision Farming. Story of Hugo Pagaime

We start our series of farmer stories with Hugo Pagaime. He is a farmer from Portugal and his passion is to grow wine grapes, so he works in vineyards. He works at C.A.M.P – Casa Agrícola Monte dos Pardais. Below, is a short interview with Hugo and his experience with precision farming technologies, eFarmer Navi in particular.
How did you get into farming?
Hugo: I am from a family of farmers, so I couldn’t avoid getting into the farming world. I started working as a professional when my father changed his job and started managing a farm near Poceirão (Portugal). First, I was just helping him, but as time passed, I began to love it, and decided to join my father in his trade.
What do you grow and how much acreage do you farm?
Hugo: All the farmland is vineyards—about 63 hectares.
What are your plans for the future – do you want to expand your farm operations?
Hugo: Our wine brands, “SIVIPA” and ” Quinta do Navio“, are growing and expanding, so what I can say now is that the farm will stay like it is for a long time, and keep producing the best grapes for the best wines.
When you decided to use precision farming technologies at your farm, what was the reason/trigger?
Hugo: A few years ago, out of curiosity, I searched for agricultural applications to help me out with farm tasks. I found a few, but eFarmer was definitely the best. At that time eFarmer offered me tracking and area calculation capabilities, which were the main reasons I started using precision farming technologies.
How do you use precision farming technologies (eFarmer Navi) in your daily work?
Hugo: Precision with farming means a lot, and eFarmer Navi is the ultimate tool for every single daily task. The most important use for us is for PPPs (Plant Protection Products).
How did precision farming technologies (eFarmer Navi) help/improve your work?
Hugo: Well, we can talk about saving money, time, and a lot more, but I can give the example on the PPPs. Before eFarmer Navi, we didn’t know the exact covered area for each tank, so it was a bit hard to know if we were using the right amount of product per hectare. We sometimes wasted or lacked the product we would apply on the field. With the eFarmer Navi Kit, we now know the covered area more precisely, and thus apply the right amount of product with maybe 1% of waste. Before, we wasted more and less 10-15% of the product that was applied. The PPPs are very expensive, so the savings that eFarmer Navi give us are really good.
Do you plan to invest in precision farming equipment in the near future?
Hugo: For now we have only one eFarmer Navi Kit, and it is worth the savings. So I say yes; if it keeps helping us like this and saving us money, we will invest in new equipment soon.
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