Keep crop history of your fields in eFarmer v4.12


In this new version of eFarmer –  v.4.12 we have added:

  • Points of Interest (POI)  for convenient note taking
  • Lines for guidance for the entire field
  • Adding the name of a person who completed the task

Guidance lines for the entire field

We got a lot of feedback from you in which you have pointed out that we only have about three lines in navigation mode. In this new version the lines are calculated for the entire field.

Adding names of workers

When the work task is complete, you can now add the name of a person who completed the field work.

Points of Interest

With this new function you can now create notes with geoposition in the field. It is a great tool to keep track of all the obstacles and trouble spots in the field.

In the next version we plan to add the ability to attach photos to points of interest, automatic measurement of fields during field work, tracking the progress of work by each worker.
We are happy to receive your feedback and wish you a successful field work this month

Download the latest version

Alexey Bogatyryov
CTO eFarmer



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