FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station

RTK signal that you own

Works with Autosteer

Reach maximum accuracy

Use with multiple receivers

from € 999

Additional benefits:

  • Remote help with setup
  • Free delivery in Europe
  • 2 years warranty
  • 30 days money back guarantee

FieldBee RTK GNSS L1 Base Station

FieldBee RTK L1 Base Station is an ideal solution for farmers that have flat fields without high trees and power lines.

It is a smart sensor that transmits RTK correction with the radius of 2 km via radio and 10 km via the internet, providing +/- 2 cm accuracy in the field.

How to use? Place the RTK base station on your house’s roof/tripod, connect the L1 receiver to your app via Bluetooth and control your work via smartphone/tablet.

FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Base Station

FieldBee RTK L2 Base Station is made to achieve the highest precision on fields with hills and signal obstructions.

L2 Base Station transmits RTK correction on much larger radiuses of 20+ km via the internet, and providing even higher +/- 1 cm accuracy in the field.

Has more stable signal and better work with auto steer.

How to use? Place RTK L2 base station on a tripod or the roof of your house, place L2 receiver on your tractor and connect it via WiFi to the app.

Technical comparison of RTK GNSS L1 and RTK L2 Base Stations