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Tractor GPS navigation app

  • More than 5 years on the market
  • Tractor navigation in many patterns
  • Autosteer functionality
  • Mapping and field measuring
  • Automatic record keeping
  • Mobile and Web version

Boost your precision and efficiency by connecting the app to the products below

Tractor GPS Navigation App

Tractor navigation and record keeping using your smartphone

RTK GNSS receiver

Improve accuracy and receive RTK signal from local RTK signal providers such as SAPOS, FLEPOS, MoveRTK etc.

RTK GNSS Base station

Achieve up to 1 cm accuracy with your own RTK system. Ideal for farmers without NTRIP networks


Free hands in the cabin and maximum efficiency of your field operations

FieldBee tractor GPS system advantages

Save money & cut costs

Achieve centimeter accuracy

Increase land's productivity

Pays back from 10 ha

How it works?

Precision farming affordable for everyone

With our system farmers can significantly improve efficiency of field operations, save time and increase their profits.
FieldBee tractor GPS system makes life easier for farmers by providing high accuracy at a reasonable price.

Latest articles from our blog

Fieldbee - precision agriculture technology

Precision agriculture is a term used to describe the new way of doing farming. The way that allows farmers to use fewer resources and increase their yields, to improve working conditions and be more environmentally friendly.

Precision farming started to be possible due to the appearance of satellite technologies and the possibility to know a precise positioning on the fields. It is like a puzzle that combines different solutions for different purposes.
The first step is the tractor manual guidance. It is a GPS antenna or receiver and precision agriculture software that allows farmers to navigate in the field. It makes it easier for farmers to make parallel lines closer to each other with minimum overlaps and missing spots. This precision farming equipment allows farmers to use their land more efficiently, significantly reduce the number of materials used and eventually achieve better yield.

Besides monetary benefits, many farmers say that non-monetary benefits such as saving time and being less tired are even more important for those who use this ag technology.

Tractor GPS systems or manual guidance

The automatic steering system for tractors

This is a step further in the adoption of precision technologies. Now on top of manual guidance, it is possible to equip agriculture machines with special steering wheel controllers that will automatically keep the vehicle on the line while driving. This agriculture technology is known as tractor auto steer system and allows farmers to free their hands in the cabin. They can drive perfectly straight parallel lines, control implement and perform other tasks.

Up to 30% of materials can be saved using these agriculture GPS systems. And of course, the comfort of an operator is largely increasing.

Above are mentioned the most common precision farming solutions that are currently existing and are used by many farmers already. But this is only the tip of an iceberg. Precise positioning provokes the development of many new solutions: variable rate application, smart land levelling solutions, precise field mapping and measuring, precise soil sampling, use satellite images to control crops, field drones and eventually fully automated unmanned agriculture machines that are going to be widely used by farmers already not so far from now.

Precision farming systems is a future of farming. So if you don’t want to get stuck in the past it is better to start applying it as soon as possible.
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