FieldBee tractor GPS system advantages

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Save money & cut costs

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Achieve centimeter accuracy

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Increase land's productivity

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Pays back from 10 Ha

Tractor GPS navigation app

  • More than 5 years on the market
  • Tractor navigation in many patterns
  • Autosteer functionality
  • Mapping and field measuring
  • Automatic record keeping
  • Mobile and Web version 

Boost your precision and efficiency by connecting the app to the products below

  • Artboard Copy 24Created with Sketch. RTK receiver
    Improve accuracy and receive RTK signal from local RTK signal providers such as SAPOS, FLEPOS ect.
  • Artboard Copy 25Created with Sketch. RTK base station
    Achieve up to +- 1 cm accuracy with your own RTK system. Ideal for farmers without NTRIP networks
  • Artboard Copy 26Created with Sketch. Auto steer
    Free hands in the cabin and maximum efficiency of your field operations

How it works?

Precision farming affordable for everyone

With our system farmers can significantly improve efficiency of field operations, save time and increase their profits.
FieldBee tractor GPS system makes life easier for farmers by providing high accuracy at a reasonable price.

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