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10 years making
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The new generation of tractor navigation systems
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Earn with FieldBee
Join us as a dealer on favorable terms
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10 years making
farmers happy
Celebrate our milestone
by creating your own
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Precision for every farmer: tractor autosteer and manual guidance systems

Easy to use
Only a few, easy to install components.
Best price for tractor autosteer on the market.
Online customer support
Free remote customer support that cares
High accuracy
Possibility to achieve 2,5 cm accuracy with any RTK signal.
Fast improvements and updates with new functionality.
Created by farmers
More then 3000 farmers are supporting development of FieldBee.
Precision farming professional solutions
If the engine is the heart of the tractor, then FieldBee is the brain
FieldBee PowerSteer All-in-one Controller
All-in-one Controller
FieldBee Autosteer
Power Tablet
Power Tablet
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PowerGuide manual steering system
  • Eliminates overlaps and missed spots
  • Saves ~10% of input and labour costs
  • Compatible with multiple RTK correction networks
  • Easy switch between tractors in minutes
  • Full record keeping of all operations
  • 1-season return on investment from 10 Ha
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PowerSteer autosteering system
  • Provides ±2.5cm accuracy on all terrains with the All-in-one Controller
  • Saves ~15% on your input and labour costs
  • Suitable for all tractor models which are front-wheel steer
  • Initial setup time from 30 min
  • 1-season return on investment from 15 Ha
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6000+ satisfied customers worldwide
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FieldBee tractor navigation app is the heart of our solution. One of the most popular tractor GPS apps for farmers

Main functionality:

  • Create and manage fields
  • Autosteering functionality
  • Record keeping
  • Navigation with many patterns
  • Field operations reports
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FieldBee is your reliable precision farming partner
9+ years on the market with 6000+ happy customers in 60+ countries
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Empowering Modern Farmers with Smart Precision Farming Tools: PowerSteer and Manual Guidance

In the dynamic landscape of agriculture, smart precision farming has emerged as an essential lifeline for farmers facing the challenges of a growing global population, dwindling water resources, and the unpredictable impacts of climate change. Among innovative software and high-tech equipment, tractor GPS tools claim the top spot.

Imagine GPS as the central hub, akin to a WiFi router, connecting all critical devices on the farm. This remarkable technology doesn't just offer impressive accuracy; it unlocks a world of other possibilities for farmers:

  • Farm Mapping: Chart field boundaries and tag unique features like rocks and pits, creating an accurate representation of your landscape.
  • Control Hub: Gain invaluable insights into machinery operations, routes, mileage, coverage area, fuel consumption, downtime, and more.
  • GPS-RTK Technology: Elevate field operations, from seeding to spreading, by ensuring impeccable rows with zero gaps or overlaps. This not only boosts efficiency but also preserves valuable resources and time.