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Precision for every farmer: tractor autosteer and manual guidance systems

Reliable. Super accurate. Affordable.

Precision for every farmer: tractor autosteer and manual guidance systems

Reliable. Super accurate. Affordable.

Smartphone based professional solutions for your tractor

More about FieldBee products

FieldBee tractor GPS system utilises smartphones and an Internet of Things (IOT) architecture, thus making the products affordable, modular and updatable. GPS system that will not get obsolete.
Tractor GPS navigation app
  • No expensive terminals
  • Free and premium subscriptions
  • 320.000+ downloads
  • Regular updates
RTK GNSS receiver
  • Super accurate RTK receivers for agriculture machines
  • Stable work and high accuracy.
  • RTK signal from local networks.
  • Radio and Wi-Fi modes
FieldBee RTK GNSS base station
  • Own RTK signal without additional fees
  • 2 km correction transmission via radio
  • 20+ km correction transmission via Wi-Fi
  • Share it with your neighbour
Mechanical Autosteer
  • Easy to change between machines
  • Supports a wide selection of vehicles (including older vehicles)
  • Has built-in terrain compensation
Hydraulic Autosteer
  • Extremely high ground level accuracy
  • Supports a wide selection of vehicles
  • Built-in terrain compensation

Why choose FieldBee?

Super high accuracy of 1 cm with FieldBee RTK L2 receiver. Suitable for any field operation.

High-quality products. Manufactured in the EU and North America.

Modular solution. Easy start with the app, then upgrade to manual guidance and autosteer system.

Affordable price. Save costs on terminal, RTK signal and mediators.

Android-based software. Regular free updates with improved and new functionality.

Free remote customer support. Save costs on installation and solving technical issues.

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FieldBee is a reliable and affordable solution. That is more than 6 years on the market and 3000+ customers.
Find a reference customer or dealer in your country
We will send you contact of dealer / customer from your country

Real use cases of farmers using FieldBee products

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Precision Agriculture Equipment: Tractor Autosteer and Manual Guidance Systems
Smart precision farming is a key factor for modern farmers to stay in business and meet worlds’ challenges of growing population, water shortage, climate changes etc. This method is bounded with using digital technologies and hi-tech solutions for farmers such as precision farming software and precision farming equipment. Today, tractor GPS equipment is a #1 among digital farming devices.

GPS in precision agriculture is like a WiFi router for all devices that you are using. GPS provides accuracy which allows a wide range of applications for farmers. What are they?
GPS for Tractors: What Results Can You Get from Using It
  • GPS is widely used for farm mapping as it allows accurate measurement of field boundaries and all the peculiarities of the actual field landscape with geo tags for rocks, pits etc.
  • GPS is also a control tool that gives precise information about the working process of every machine including the route, mileage, covered area, fuel consumption, downtime etc.
  • When installed on the tractor, GPS- RTK technology can help in seeding, sowing, spreading and other field operations. It allows you to have accurate rows with no missing spots and overlaps. Therefore it saves materials and time.
  • Tractor autosteer is one of the most beneficial precision farming tools . GPS technology is also used there.
What Is Autosteer Technology? Making accurate rows when driving a tractor requires special skills from a driver. Rowing is essential when you want to sow seeds without losses, fertilize the soil or gather the harvest with maximum efficiency. Simple manual guidance could not cope with that need especially when it comes to difficult terrain and very high precision, as manually no one can keep their tractor on the line with 1 cm accuracy. In that case, you should use digital farming technology – GPS-based automatic steering. When installed on a tractor, the GPS unit gets a signal from the satellite and sets the correct route. But a simple GPS module doesn’t provide you with the highest accuracy. To get precise positioning, another precision farming tool should be used. That is an RTK system that minimizes signal distortion and increases the accuracy of automatic steering up to +- 1cm. It gets signals from nearby RTK stations (NTRIP providers) or from your own RTK base. With the combination of GPS+RTK precision agriculture tools, your fieldwork will be done quicker, in a more efficient way and will allow you to save time and money for more important things.

In precision farming, GPS for tractors is a must. It is among the most effective yet multi-functional smart farming tools. You are welcome to evaluate all the benefits of this technology on the FieldBee website. Our company provides precision farm supplies based on GPS and RTK technologies for tractors, harvesters and other farming machinery.
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