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At FieldBee, we understand the critical role OEMs play in delivering cutting-edge agricultural machinery to the market. That's why we offer a range of comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to OEMs, enabling them to integrate our advanced navigation and automation systems seamlessly into their products.
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Benefits of working with FieldBee
Engineering Expertise
Engineering Expertise
Leverage our 9+ years of domain experience and expertise in delivering cutting-edge precision guidance farming solutions.
Dedicated Engineering Team
Dedicated Engineering Team
Access our dedicated engineering services team located in Poland, the hub of the European IT sector, committed to supporting your integration needs.
Continuous Innovation
Continuous Innovation
Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing improvements and innovations based on real-world feedback.
Factory Installation
Our integration process is meticulously designed to align with OEM manufacturing operations.
DemonstrationsExperience the sophistication of our IoT and RTK navigation systems firsthand, showcasing real-time data transmission and precise, automated tractor control.
ValidationEnsuring seamless compatibility with tractor models and adherence to the highest industry standards through rigorous validation processes.
AdoptionWe support integrating, customising, and calibrating these systems, aligning them perfectly with existing infrastructure to ensure a smooth adoption process.
TrainingTailored training programmes for product, marketing, and sales teams, providing hands-on, practical knowledge to maximise the potential of our solutions
Launch SupportReceive comprehensive support during product launch activities, including exhibitions, marketing campaigns, and customer support initiatives.
Continuous Support and ImprovementBenefit from ongoing technical support and software updates, ensuring your integrated solutions remain at the forefront of innovation.
Customisation and Integration Services
We specialise in providing tailored integration solutions for agricultural machinery, enhancing functionality and connectivity while ensuring seamless operation. Our expertise includes:
Customisation Section Image
Integration with tractor cabinsIncluding dashboards and HMI, as well as out-of-cabin solutions
Cloud-to-cloud integrationFor data and document exchange, utilising industry-standard protocols such as J1939 and ISOBUS.
Our existing collaboration examples, like the partnership with /images/oem/agrobotix.svgAgrobotix, demonstrate the effectiveness of our integration solutions.
Agrobotix Demonstration
Engineering Services for R&D Departments
FieldBee’s dedicated engineering team offers a range of services to support OEM R&D departments:
Engineering Services for R&D Departments
Development of navigation subsystems
Development of navigation subsystemsWith a focus on autonomous systems.
Implementation of fusion algorithms
Implementation of fusion algorithmsUtilising sensors such as cameras, LIDAR, radar, and stereo cameras.
Integration with positioning systems
Integration with positioning systemsVia CAN Bus, as well as integration with implements via ISOBUS.
Development of autonomous kits and mobile applications
Development of autonomous kits and mobile applicationsTo enhance functionality.
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We're committed to empowering OEMs with the tools and support they need to deliver exceptional agricultural machinery to the market. Partner with us to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation in the agricultural sector.