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Use the opportunity to achieve high accuracy tractor navigation much cheaper with FiedBee autosteer system.

Join free webinars to learn more about:

  • FieldBee mechanic and hydraulic autosteer;
  • How to achieve +/-1 cm accuracy with free local RTK signal;
  • How much does it cost;
  • Learn use cases of other farmers in many countries.

Why to join?

FieldBee has more than 6 years of experience in precision farming solutions. We specialise in new generation tractor navigation and autosteering solutions that are based on mobile applications, connects to the internet and can be serviced and upgraded remotely. We have customers in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to make precision available for every farmer.

Agenda of upcoming webinars

What to choose, mechanic or hydraulic auto steer?

Use your opportunity to learn more on how to finally achieve +/-1 cm accuracy free hands tractor driving.

You will learn:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of mechanic autosteer;
  • Pros and cons of hydraulic autosteer;
  • Autosteer and local RTK signal;
  • Learn what is the cost of those solutions.
  • Use cases of other farmer.
Date: 10 September, 8pm (CET)

Mobile application based tractor navigation and autosteer

You will learn:

  • What you can do with the FREE version of the app;
  • Premium functionality description;
  • Different navigation patterns applications;
  • Autosteer functionality of the application;
  • How other farmers use FieldBee app.
Date: 17 September, 8pm (CET)

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CTO eFarmer

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Sales representative of eFarmer

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Sales representative of eFarmer

Metin Torosoğlu

Business Development Manager eFarmer

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