As the first quarter of the year has come to a close, FieldBee takes a moment to reflect on the steps made in supporting farmers and advancing precision farming. From standing in solidarity with European farmers to rolling out innovative updates, here's a roundup of our journey so far.

Standing with Farmers

In solidarity with the EU farmers who began their strike against the government's actions at the beginning of the year, FieldBee reiterates its unwavering support for the backbone of every society. Farmers play a pivotal role, and we stand by you in their pursuit of fair treatment and recognition for their vital contributions. In order to make your lives easier and to support you in these difficult times, we’ve decided to make price cuts to our products.

Strengthening Partnerships

The first quarter also saw us nurturing valuable partnerships. We had the pleasure of attending an open day at our Dutch partner Van Der Sluis, alongside our esteemed dealer Smart Agri. Participants had the opportunity to delve into our technology, witnessing firsthand its capabilities on a tractor. Similarly, we welcomed Uniwerk, our dealer from Romania, to our Gliwice office, engaging in fruitful discussions about our product roadmap and experimenting with new features.

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Empowering Farmers for the New Season

With the arrival of spring, thoughts naturally turn to planting. FieldBee is geared up and ready for the new season, offering farmers the tools for efficiency and precision. Our latest product version, 10.2, introduced exciting updates such as automatic steering with an asymmetric implement or improved quality of autosteering at low speeds.

Expanding Reach and Recognition

FieldBee continued to expand its reach, welcoming new dealers in France and the DACH region. At the end of March we’ve had the great pleasure of participating in two separate events in Germany with our esteemed dealers ​​SDF-Zentrum, as well as Zenz Landtechnik. Moreover, our presence at the legendary Foire de Barcelonne fair further solidified our commitment to serving farmers across borders. Moreover, being featured in the esteemed British farming magazine Farmers Weekly underscores our dedication to providing high-quality, accessible solutions for farmers worldwide.

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Innovating for the Future

Exciting updates are on the horizon as we gear up to introduce new functionalities for our clients. From multiple headland patterns to automatic turn functionality and the capability to use asymmetric implements, these innovations are poised to make precision farming an even more important aspect of productive and sustainable agriculture, empowering farmers to work smarter and more efficiently.

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In conclusion, the first quarter has been a testament to FieldBee's commitment to supporting farmers, fostering partnerships, and driving innovation in agriculture machinery automation. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to empowering farmers and shaping the future of farming technology.