PowerSteer autosteering system
  • Affordable price
    Affordable price
  • Easy to install
    Easy to install
  • 2,5 cm accuracy with RTK
    2,5 cm accuracy with RTK
  • Easy to change between tractors
    Easy to change between tractors
  • 30 days money back guarantee
    30 days money back guarantee
  • 2 years warranty
    2 years warranty
  • Made in the EU
    Made in the EU
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FieldBee PowerSteer
PowerSteer autosteering system in package
FieldBee PowerWheelFieldBee PowerWheel
FieldBee PowerWheel
Replaceable steering wheel with an electric motor for automatic steering which replaces the original steering wheel of the tractor.Easy to install and switch between different machines. Consists of 4 main parts:
  • Steering wheel - replaceable steering wheel specially designed for tractors. Easy to install and switch between different machines.
  • High torque steering wheel actuator - the motor has a high torque value and a fittable shaft adapter for installation on many tractor models. Motor has minimum mechanical parts with minimum noise level thanks to the use of Direct Drive technology. These two features allow the FieldBee PowerWheel to be compatible with most tractor models. For details see the tech specs.
  • Anti-rotation bracket - part which fixates the PowerWheel to the steering wheel shaft of the tractor. The PowerWheel connects to the anti-rotation bracket with a dedicated pin.
  • Steering wheel shaft adapter - specific adapter that depends on a tractor model. This adaptor helps to fit the FieldBee PowerWheel onto the steering column.
FieldBee PowerSteer All-in-one ControllerFieldBee PowerSteer All-in-one Controller
FieldBee PowerSteer All-in-one Controller
The Integrated RTK receiver and steering controller is a high-precision electronic controller that provides automatic steering capability to the vehicle. It receives guidance information from the Android app on the phone/tablet and sends steering commands to the vehicle. The controller is compatible with the FieldBee app on Android devices. It can be installed easily on the majority of agricultural vehicle brands and models. The controller includes an L2 GNSS RTK receiver and a tilt/ roll sensor in one, durable, water and dust-tight enclosure.
    FieldBee Navigation AppFieldBee Navigation App
    FieldBee Navigation App
    Software that provides navigation in many patterns, field management, record keeping, and other functionality. Can be used on almost any Android phone or tablet. And FieldBee’s rugged 10’’ certified tablet for extra reliability due to fewer 3rd party system updates and dedicated testing.Main software functionality:
    • Connection manager that allows easy set up and connection of equipment.
    • Drive in straight, curved, headland, and saved patterns with high precision.
    • Map your fields and obstacles.
    • Automatically capture field records while driving.
    • Get reports about fieldwork in Excel and PDF formats.
    • Planning and reporting are also available in the FieldBee web app for use in the office.
    • Holds multiple vehicles and implements profiles for easy hardware switching between vehicles without recallibration.
    FieldBee PowerSteer
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    PowerGuide manual steering system
    PowerGuide manual steering system
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
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    FieldBee PowerSteer: Elevating Precision Farming

    In this era of precision farming, staying competitive means embracing modern technology. Farming's essence lies in optimizing time, labor, resources, and machinery wear and tear to ensure revenue. To achieve lasting and effective optimization, FieldBee’s PowerSteer for tractors is a game-changer.

    What is autosteering?

    This technology gained rapid popularity in recent years, winning the hearts of farmers seeking higher farm productivity. The concept is straightforward: an electronic GPS with an RTK receiver is installed on the tractor, linked to a module on the tractor's control system. GPS receives satellite data with signal correction, offering up to 1 cm accuracy. The result? Hands-free tractor control, liberating the driver from lane-keeping and precise steering tasks. The tractor self-navigates, reducing human error risks.

    Benefits of the PowerSteer system:

    • Quick ROI: While the initial investment may seem substantial, precision work accuracy translates to lower maintenance, repair, seed, and crop expenses, offsetting the upfront cost.
    • Optimized Fuel Usage: Accurate route planning minimizes gasoline and lubricant consumption for each tractor.
    • Enhanced Harvest Speed: Precise planning and execution boost fertilization and harvest gathering speeds.
    • Efficient Workforce: Timely tractor work eliminates extra staff workload and associated costs.
    • Landscape Consistency: Satellite data with minimal errors helps avoid unexpected field landscape changes.