FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
  • Up to 2 cm accuracy
    Up to 2 cm accuracy
  • Change between tractors
    Change between tractors
  • RTK signal from local NTRIP provider
    RTK signal from local NTRIP provider
  • Made in the EU
    Made in the EU
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FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver in package
FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 ReceiverFieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Receiver
FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Receiver
FieldBee RTK L2 Receiver works as a stand-alone GNSS antenna that improves GPS accuracy and can receive RTK signal from private base station and local NTRIP providers like FLEPOS, SAPOS, MoveRTK, etc. FieldBee RTK L2 receiver is made to achieve the highest precision on fields with hills and signal obstructions. Provides more stable correction and better work with Autosteer.
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
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    What is an RTK GNSS receiver for farmers?

    When it comes to precision farming, an RTK GNSS receiver, also known as a GPS antenna, is a crucial device for obtaining accurate geographical positions. This technology revolutionizes various operations like tractor parallel driving, precise seeding and fertilization, drone use, automated agriculture machinery, and geotag-based data collection.

    An array of GPS GNSS receivers is available for farmers. Here are key factors farmers must consider when selecting one:

    • Stand-Alone Accuracy: Focus on pass-to-pass accuracy for returning to the same tramlines daily, monthly, and yearly. Higher accuracy broadens its applicability and speeds up system payback.
    • Connectivity: Check for standard ports like RS232 and Bluetooth, ensuring seamless integration with other precision farming equipment.
    • Position Update Rate: Ensure a rate no lower than 10 Hz to use the antenna with an autosteer system effectively.