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FieldBee Packages

Manual Guidance
  • Easy drive straight parallel lines 
  • With less overlaps and missing spots
  • Work at night and low visibility
  • Save up to 10-15% of your costs
  • Ideal for farmers with free local RTK signal providers
Price per request​
  • Upgrade your manual guidance with higher precision
  • Achieve up to 1 cm with RTK 
  • Save up to 10-20% of your costs
  • Ideal for farmers without local NTRIP providers
Price per request
Autosteer System
  • Get hands free parallel lines driving
  • With the highest accuracy
  • Do more with no stress
  • Save up to 30% of your costs
  • Pays back from 10 Ha
Price per request
  • ±2cm accuracy in all terrains
  • Quiet operation
  • Works with all tractor models, also open cabin
  • Easy manual override when driving
  • Super-fast installation
  • Only 3 system components
  • Full remote diagnostics and support

Price per request​
  • Same as “Basic”, plus:
  • Allows precise driving at speeds from 100 metres per hour
  • The best value-for-money system for tree planting and vineyards
  • Includes a second FieldBee receiver
  • Includes a wheel angle sensor

Price per request
  • Same as “Basic”, plus:
  • Include a FieldBee-certified tablet, rugged (IP 67 – dust and water resistant), vibration resistant and bright screen.
  • The tablet provides a controlled software environment, which eliminates any risks of manufacturer version updates disrupting the FieldBee app operation.
Price per request
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Precision agriculture products​

FieldBee Tractor GPS Navigation App (Premium subscription)
from € 119
FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
Price per request​
FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
Price per request​
Mechanic Autosteer Kit
Price per request
Hydraulic Autosteer Kit
Price per request
RS 232 Cable
Price per request
Tablet Holder
Price per request
Wall Mount
Price per request
Metal Plate
Price per request

FieldBee Packages: Precision Agriculture Products

Precision agriculture products are what FieldBee is specializing in. We are aware of the importance of saving time and resources when working in the field and especially achieving accurate rows without overlaps and missing spots. For this, we’ve developed our innovative farm tractor GPS systems that may help farmers with field operations.

You can choose among our three basic options of GPS for farm equipment. Here they are:
  • FieldBee RTK Manual Guidance pack.
  • FieldBee RTK System pack.
  • Auto-steering System by FieldBee.
Let’s talk about them in detail. Manual Guidance RTK System It is one of the most popular tractor GPS systems that allow keeping rows straight and parallel without high initial investment. With the help of an RTK receiver that improves the accuracy of GPS signals provided by GNSS and GLONASS, the total accuracy can be reached up to 20-30 cm in the field. That is far much better than when guiding the tractor manually without GPS navigation. The system gets RTK signals from the nearby station of the RTK provider (NTRIP networks), and in this case, the exceptional +-1 cm accuracy can be received on your screen. If there are such stations/networks in your neighborhood, our product may be a great solution for you.

RTK System + Base RTK Station The lack of free RTK networks in your neighborhood is not a problem. You can get a full GPS RTK system that includes both RTK receiver (L1 or L2 to your choice) and RTK base station that will transmit all the corrections up to 20 km via WiFi or 2 km via Radio. You can get this kit to obtain high accuracy on all your equipment and machinery, as the station transmits accuracy to an unlimited number of receivers.

Auto-Steering System by FieldBee Manual guidance with GPS is just the tip of an iceberg as there is the most precise option among agriculture GPS guidance systems – auto-steering for tractors. When you choose GPS devices for farm tractors, take a look at our autosteer system that combines GPS RTK technologies with the automation of tractor guidance. Its benefits are uncountable as this solution allows to decrease drivers’ working time, frees their hands, and provides the highest accuracy of fieldwork performance.

Some farmers still doubt the GPS for tractor prices. According to many studies, precision farming technologies can save up to 70% of farmers’ costs in the future. Using a manual guidance system, you can save approximately 10% of your costs and with an autosteer system up to 30% starting from the first season. It will pay back in a few years in a long-term perspective, providing you with cost-efficiency, high effectiveness, and more time and energy for more important things in your life.
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