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The system may consist of:
  • ASB (autosteer controller in FieldBee L2 enclosure)
  • Spline adapter
  • Antirotating kit
  • Motor
  • Steering wheel
  • Main harness

FieldBee Powersteer Basic


Improved design

Easier to install
Easy to suppport
Optional kit
Guaranteed stability

Additional benefits:

  • ±2cm accuracy in all terrains
  • Quiet operation
  • Works with all tractor models, also open cabin
  • Easy manual override when driving
  • Super-fast installation
  • Only 3 system components
  • Full remote diagnostics and support
Price per request

FieldBee PowerSteer consists of:

FieldBee PowerWheel
Unit which replaces the original steering wheel with a steering wheel unit with an electric motor for automatic steering. Consists of 4 main parts:
  1. Steering wheel Replaceable steering wheel specially designed for tractors. Easy to install and switch between different machines.
  2. High torque steering wheel actuator The motor has a high torque value and a fittable shaft adapter for installation on many tractor models. Motor has minimum mechanical parts with minimum noise level thanks to the use of Direct Drive technology. These two features allow the FieldBee PowerWheel to be compatible with most tractor models. For details see the tech specs.
  3. Anti-rotation bracket Part which fixates the PowerWheel to the steering wheel shaft of the tractor. The PowerWheel connects to the anti-rotation bracket with a dedicated pin.
  4. Steering wheel shaft adapter Specific adapter that depends on a tractor model. This adaptor helps to fit the FieldBee PowerWheel onto the steering column.
FieldBee PowerSteer Controller-Receiver
The Integrated RTK receiver and steering controller is a high- precision electronic controller that provides automatic steering capability to the vehicle. It receives guidance information from the Android app on the phone/tablet and sends steering commands to the vehicle. The controller is compatible with the FieldBee app on Android devices. It can be installed easily on the majority of agricultural vehicle brands and models. The controller includes an L2 GNSS RTK receiver and a tilt/ roll sensor in one, durable, water and dust-tight enclosure.
FieldBee Navigation App
  1. Can be used on almost any Android phone or tablet. Can also be used on FieldBee’s rugged 7’’ certified tablet for extra reliability due to fewer 3rd party system updates and dedicated testing.
  2. Drive in straight, curve, headland and saved patterns with high precision.
  3. Map your fields and obstacles.
  4. Automatically capture field records while driving.
  5. Get reports about fieldwork in Excel and PDF formats.
  6. Planning and reporting are also available in the FieldBee web app for use in the office.
  7. Holds multiple vehicles and implements profiles for easy hardware switching between vehicles without re-callibration.
Get Your FieldBee Powersteer

NEW FieldBee PowerSteer

Intro to the system 

The FieldBee PowerSteer is an affordable retrofit RTK autosteer system that allows farmers a hands-free experience while driving on the field. It is a smartphone-based system with few components and is designed first and foremost for fast installation, easy and automatic calibration, and ease of use. The system will fit most tractors in a manner that doesn’t interfere with the tractor’s internal steering systems. It allows a full range of driving speeds and most terrains at a high degree of accuracy.

Our new and improved retrofit autosteer product line combines FieldBee’s best-of-class navigation app and autosteer technology with some major improvements and new features:
  • Improved design: Fewer components and moving parts, an all-in-one controller, and a new, powerful and quiet steering wheel motor make for a very reliable and robust system.
  • Easier to install: New steering wheel motor with 15 minutes installation instead of the previous 3-6 hours.
  • Guaranteed stability: A new, rugged 7’’ android tablet, certified by FieldBee to work seamlessly thanks to fewer 3rd party updates (optional. You can still use any Android phone or tablet).
  • Easier to use: Use a simplified (and free!) version of the application or the full-featured pro version. It’s your choice.
We offer in the presale 3 FieldBee PowerSteer Options:
FieldBee PowerSteer Lite
FieldBee PowerSteer Complete
FieldBee PowerSteer Ultra Low Speed

The FieldBee PowerSteer solution will be shipped by January 2023; however, we encourage you to pre-order the solution now because pre-ordering ensures you get it way ahead of the next sowing season.

We have worked hard to bring you a more efficient and affordable solution; we hope that it will bring you a very fruitful next season.
System installation
We provide installation service by partners in: Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Luxemburg, Mongolia, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine. In other countries, service brings by local specialists with experience of installation auto steering systems by Claas, Mueller-Elektronik, Ag Leader, TeeJet.

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