FieldBee RTK GPS system

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Order the FieldBee GNSS receiver and the RTK base station together and save €100

FieldBee RTK base station

FieldBee tractor GPS navigation (Premium subscription) – optional

  • Tractor guidance + Record keeping combined
  • Works with different GPS/RTK antenna
  • 14 days free trial
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Best deal, save €100 of your costs

0 – 4 cm accuracy

Works with FieldBee auto steer

Works with your smartphone or tablet

Get maximum accuracy with appealing price

With the FieldBee RTK – GPS system, you will be able to reach an exceptional accuracy of 0 – 4 cm. No need to pay extra charges for RTK correction signal, you will receive your own base station that provides correction.

You can connect an unlimited number of antennas to the FieldBee RTK base station. You can share your signal with your neighbours and create free RTK network.

The FieldBee RTK – GPS system includes:

  • FieldBee GNSS receiver: a smart sensor that improves the GPS accuracy and can receive RTK signal.
  • FieldBee RTK base station: a second sensor that serves as reference point and provides RTK correction to your FieldBee.

The range of RTK signal coverage is 2 km via Radio and 10+ km via Internet.

No installation needed: You can mount the FieldBee GNSS receiver on your tractor and simply place the base station on the house’s roof or in the field on a tripod.

The tripod is not included in the price*

More useful information about the FieldBee RTK – GPS system:

Terms and Conditions PDF
Technical data sheet
List of recommended devices

Tractor GPS navigation + RTK GPS system

What you will get:

  • 0 – 4 cm accuracy in the range of 2 km via radio and 10 km+ via internet
  • Your own RTK signal that can transmit correction to unlimited amount of receivers
  • All premium features of the FieldBee tractor navigation app
  • Possibility to upgrade to auto steer system

Best solution for farmers that:

  • Suits for growing vegetables and other crops
  • Can be used for all types of field operations such as seeding and harvesting
  • Precise mapping
  • Precise record keeping

How does it work

  1. Order FieldBee GNSS/RTK system on our website.
  2. Download FieldBee tractor navigation app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  3. Put FieldBee receiver on your tractor’s roof.
  4. Download special FieldBee toolbox app to set up FieldBee RTK station and FieldBee antenna
  5. Experiment with different ways of using RTK base station: Radio mode, Wi-Fi mode. Try different ways of mounting: in the field, on the roof. Find the best way for your farm

Free delivery in the EU

2 years warranty

Worldwide shipment

30 days moneyback guarantee

What our customers say

J Copy

“I really like the built-in magnet and rechargeable power supply of the FieldBee. I started by connecting the FieldBee to a Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet.  

It will save time for us and improve the accuracy of field treatments. 

I have been greatly pleased with the customer service of eFarmer.  Their desire to develop an affordable system for farmers is one of the reasons I chose the FieldBee.”

John E. Council

Need more information?

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Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 25 cm

FieldBee RTK base station

Weight2 kg
Dimensions30 × 40 × 30 cm

FieldBee tractor GPS navigation (Premium subscription)


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