FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
  • RTK signal that you own
    RTK signal that you own
  • Works with Autosteer
    Works with Autosteer
  • Reach maximum accuracy
    Reach maximum accuracy
  • Use with multiple receivers
    Use with multiple receivers
  • Made in the EU
    Made in the EU
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FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station in package
FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Base StationFieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Base Station
FieldBee RTK GNSS L2 Base Station
FieldBee RTK L2 Base Station is made to achieve the highest precision on fields with hills and signal obstructions.L2 Base Station transmits RTK correction on much larger radiuses of 20+ km via the Internet, providing even higher +/- 1 cm accuracy in the field.Has a more stable signal and better work with auto steer.How to use it? Place the RTK L2 base station on a tripod or the roof of your house, place the L2 receiver on your tractor, and connect it via WiFi to the app.
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station
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    FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
    FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver
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    PowerSteer autosteering system
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    What is an RTK GNSS receiver for farmers?

    GNSS receiver or RTK GPS receiver or GPS antenna is the way to call the device that receives satellite signals and allows to obtain an accurate geographical position for precision farming operations such as tractor parallel driving, precise application of seeds, fertilizers, use of drones, automated agriculture machines, data collection with geotags, etc.

    There are many GPS GNSS receivers available today for farmers. Here are the most important characteristics that farmers need to check when choosing one:

    • Accuracy as a stand-alone device. Here we mean pass-to-pass accuracy: the accuracy that allows you to return to the same tramlines every day, month, and year. Higher accuracy means applicability in more field operations and faster payback from the system.
    • Connectivity. RS232, and Bluetooth are standard ports that one should check for to use this antenna with other precision farming equipment.
    • The position update rate should be no less than 10 Hz if you want to use this antenna with an autosteer system.
    • Possibility to improve accuracy with RTK signal. RTK or Real-Time Kinematic technology obtains very accurate +-1 cm positioning for different applications.