Today, more and more farmers all over the world are implementing various precision farming methods on their farms. One of the most commonly used modern agricultural techniques is farm mapping. This technique allows you to see your farm from a bird’s eye view, analyze the terrain, plan how you’re going to divide it up into different segments, decide what crops to plant in each section, and otherwise optimize your property to maximize yields. Fortunately, there are many farm mapping software programs available on the market today to help you carry out these tasks by creating accurate maps of your land. We will review some of them below:


Fieldmargin is a popular farm mapping app used by farmers from more than 170 countries. It is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs. This software allows farmers to quickly create maps of their fields, plan crop rotations, create records of crops and operations, assign tasks to workers, and much more. Free and paid versions of the app are available.


FieldBee is a field navigation app that has great farm mapping capabilities. This program is best suited for arable farmers, as its primary purpose is to help farmers navigate tractors and other machinery on the field with or without the use of a FieldBee autosteering device. Farmers can either import maps or draw them manually with the help of Google Maps. A significant advantage of this app is that it automatically records all farming operations that were performed on a particular field, saving you time on record keeping.


AgriWebb is an Australian company that creates software primarily for the livestock production industry. One feature of their app is farm mapping. It allows farmers to create maps of their fields without the need for professional surveyors or equipment, change field boundaries, track inventory levels, record locations of animals, and view detailed statistics regarding each paddock. There’s no free version of the app but you can take advantage of their free trial period.


Mobble is another farm management app that has numerous farm mapping features. This app is best suited for professionals who grow livestock or run mixed farms. With Mobble, farmers can review everything that’s happening on their property in real time, ensure compliance, create records, and more. This app has a free trial period but no free version.

Final thoughts

Easy-to-use farm mapping programs that are packed with features can help farmers better understand their fields, analyze information regarding their farms, optimize operations, and create detailed records for compliance and future analysis. This can help agriculture and livestock professionals save lots of time and increase revenue with minimal investments.