April 13, 2023
FieldBee’s PowerSteer in the spotlight
Profi, the leading German monthly agricultural magazine, reviews FieldBee’s new PowerSteer system, noting its affordability, ease of installation and use, and suitability for retrofitting on
September 3, 2021
Always on the right track
Сost-effective, independent and efficient guidance system Klaus Künzig and his wife Daniela run a part-time agricultural business with 30 hectares of arable land in the
April 15, 2021
Farmer case: it only brings advantages and time savings
Good customer journey started from a dream about tractor upgrades because your farm needs them and this story never ends. For this reason, we want
March 10, 2021
FieldBee in the fields. Farmer’s story from the Czech Republic
We love farmers and what they are doing for all of us. That is why we are already more than 6 years of working on
June 24, 2020
What other farmers say about FieldBee
Dear Farmers! FieldBee tractor navigation systems are helping farmers in more than 50 countries. And FieldBee tractor navigation app is downloaded already by more than
March 13, 2020
FieldBee tests. Tractor guidance in Finland
This story is a part of the sequence about the first field tests of FieldBEE – the affordable tractor guidance system with RTK accuracy.
December 16, 2019
FieldBee in the Fields: The story of a Czech farmer – “Just go for it!”
This time, we are bringing you the story of Miroslav Dihel a Czech farmer who works on 350 ha land with his father and is growing winter wheat, rape, and pea.
November 20, 2019
FieldBee in the fields: The story of a German farmer
We are always interested in how our users are satisfied with FieldBee performances. Therefore, we use every opportunity to visit different farms and meet our users, to see and hear in their own words how FieldBee works in practice.
December 5, 2017
FieldBee RTK with automatic steering. A loyal customer is as good as gold
All farmers we know dream of an affordable and highly accurate automatic steering system. We are working on fulfilling that dream.