The agricultural sector is no more a traditional one as it was decades earlier. It is influenced by scientific and technological progress. If earlier innovations in agriculture concerned mainly mechanical inventions, now they are increasingly associated with automation, the use of the modern computer and satellite technologies.

The last one is of great use in tractor enhancement and helps much in mapping and planning seasonal agricultural works. Let’s consider how GPS technology in agriculture influence the growth of production.

Why Is It Important Using Hi-Tech Solutions in Agriculture?

As humanity came to an idea of precise agriculture in an attempt to provide the growth of the industry to feed the growing number of people, the latest technologies are in demand in the agricultural sector. There are several reasons for the hi-tech approach.

  • Over the past 10 years, the global agricultural market has grown by 3% per year, this is critically insufficient. By 2050, at least 70% more food will need to be produced to feed the world’s growing population.
  • It is impossible to do this in an extensive way. Free land, pastures, water resources are in short supply. In addition, the burden on the environment is increasing.
  • The technologies for collecting, analyzing and processing data from almost any farm production facility have evolved and become more accessible, allowing them to make an accurate forecast, save money and time.

How Does GPS Technology Help Agriculture?

GPS in precise agriculture is among the most efficient tools of the modern era. Today, the most popular innovations in American farming are yield maps, yield monitors, GPS navigation systems (about 80% of farmers use them in their work).

Using data from satellites, farmers can optimize the work of special vehicles, primarily tractors. What goals can be achieved with GPS devices?

  • Navigation and telemetry goals (systems for precise positioning of the unit in the field, parallel driving, yield mapping).
  • Remote sensing of the Earth, for example, operational acquisition of satellite images and aerial photographs.
  • Systems of efficiency control of each tractor separately.
  • Controlling the consumption of fuels and lubricants for each tractor.
All these goals help increasing production and allows decreasing extra costs at the same time, You can use telemetry to improve the results of agricultural units, reduce material and time costs for organizing control over work, collecting, processing and analyzing data on the progress of technological processes.

And getting satellite images of the ground allows you to plan a route for each tractor considering specifics of the landscape or ongoing destructions after seasonal rainfalls. Such GPS field mapping also allows distributing work processes logically and efficiently.

5 Pros of Using GPS on Your Tractor

  1. Modern systems of satellite data transmission allow obtaining perfectly accurate telemetry with an error of centimeters maximum.
  2. Thanks to GPS, you can remotely monitor personnel, their integrity and honesty.
  3. At the expense of GPS, it is possible to reduce the costs of both maintenance of tractors and the irrational use of land resources.
  4. State-of-the-art GPS equipment does not require the tractor driver to stop to receive data as all control is performed from a smartphone through a simple and intuitive application. Just use it while working to get upcoming info in time.
  5. The price of GPS equipment pays off in the first season of its operation. And its reliability is of a very high level.

How to Choose the Best GPS Tracker for Your Tractor?

Everything is quite simple! If you want to get the best GPS farm equipment, follow those farmers who are already applying precision farming technology with the certain success. This means that feedback from successful farmers will be the best guide for you.

And remember that the key to success is a step into the future, and with the latest technology, making it a snap.

If you look at the reviews of the US agricultural companies, you’ll see counts of positive overviews on FieldBee trackers. And we are proud of making precise agriculture affordable and open for every farmer.

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