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How to Improve the Productivity of Old Machines

Investing money in agricultural machinery is quite a controversial decision. On the one hand, it is a way to improve the productivity of the farm and to decrease losses caused by broken vehicles (money needed for repairs and time spent on performing regularly scheduled tasks in the field). On the other hand, new machines cost much and the money is not always available for other expenses. We don’t even take into account the necessity to utilize or to sell old machinery before buying a new one.

What to do in this case? The solution is quite evident and it concerns improvement and renovation of the existing machinery on the farm.
How to Renovate Your Agricultural Machines

What Are Ways How to Renovate Your Agricultural Machines?

There are a few solutions that can be useful:
  • Performing of a complex diagnostics and replacement of key spare parts;
  • Boom and garden sprayer upgrades;
  • Automation of key machines;
  • Agricultural machinery monitoring and productivity improvement;
  • GPS auto-steering systems implementation.

Diagnostics and Replacement

Performing regular complex diagnostics and replacement of key spare parts is a modernized analogue. For example, replacing a motor in your truck can help to save money both for buying a new vehicle and for fuel consumption, which always increases with engine wear.

Boom and Garden Sprayer upgrades

Boom and garden sprayer upgrades are in high demand due to their cost. The modernized sprayers practically do not differ from new units of the same class (in terms of productivity and performance) and have the same resource at the cost of 40–70% less than a new sprayer.

Automation of Key Machines

Automation of key machines can also dramatically increase productivity. Controllers that indicate the watering need or soil fertilization will help you to plan the field works and make some adjustments to fluctuations in weather. Indicators for measuring the amount of consumed water, electricity, gas is also a solution to increase and optimize productivity.

Agricultural Machinery Monitoring and Productivity Improvement

The sheer amount of distant lands used in agriculture makes it difficult to manage the fleet and drivers. With the development of telematics, the main purpose of monitoring agricultural machinery is to increase control and productivity. GPS tracking devices make it easy to determine vehicles’ location and routes.

Knowing the location of an equipment is always important. Using the software allows you to receive notifications about the use of transport for personal purposes. GPS monitoring systems also provide analytical data, such as fuel level, actuators use, tank load and many others. Such data can help in the maintenance of agricultural machinery.

Auto-Steering Systems Implementation

An auto-steering system is another option available via GPS for old tractors. Even very old-fashioned machinery can be controlled via GPS. It isn’t costly. It is recommended to divide the tractor’s work into three stages when applying automated steering systems. They are entering the field and returning from it, moving along a route and turning at the headland to enter a new route. All these stages can be precisely performed by modern GPS devices. Moreover, it is quite easy to create presets that copy basic tractor routes and implement them regularly during plowing, sowing, and harvesting. A constant control of fuel consumption and mileage is another option that can help to increase the productivity of machinery on the farm. It will help you to decrease wastes of fuel and monitor the drivers’ conscientiousness while performing their duties.

It is obvious that using GPS is among the most GPS is one of the most efficient methods of improving the productivity of old machinery in agriculture. You will be a lucky person if you decide on a high-quality GPS auto-steer. You can buy the most precise and multi-functional GPS auto-steering systems for tractors from FieldBee. These systems are suitable for all types of tractors and we are eager to consult you on how to choose the one that fully meets your requirements.

Implementing new technologies in classical machinery often is the best way to reach prosperity. There is no need to spend money on buying a new piece of machinery. There is no need to stop all processes while waiting for the delivery. Fast and efficient installation of automated solutions will increase productivity and, moreover, is cheaper than buying a new one.
Are you interested in Automated Farming Systems? Please let us know and we will provide you with more information.
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