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Precision agriculture technologies and their application in farming

Precision farming rules the AG world today. Its methods go far beyond classical farming possibilities as they provide thorough research activities along with up-to-date hardware automated precision agriculture equipment. Why are precision farming technologies the most reliable and effective? Let’s talk about them briefly.

Monitoring AG Technologies

Constant monitoring is not a new method for farmers. However, in precise farming, it levels up to a new stage of accuracy and data diversity you can get when using them.
  • Using NDVI (a special index for crop health determination) with the help of drones, satellite photos or just special mobile devices is a way to get the full data about crop’s growth, weed infestation or emerging diseases of crops.
  • Creating forecasts according to the data of satellites, drones and field machinery equipped with special sensors is also an efficient method for the current season and long-term perspective. With precision farming technology, you can collect various data from the germination of crops to the level of soil fertilization or moisturising, and air humidity. All these data can be used then in special software solutions for scheduling, forecasting and planning routines.
There are various solutions both for local data analyses and multi-users data platforms as you may be in need for implementing all these technologies. The first option is a key precision agriculture technology for a farm as it helps to collect data from all the devices and machinery on a certain farm to provide full-fledged analyses and forecasting. The second option is, actually, a more global source where various farming data can be obtained by users and provided by them.

Precision Farming Systems for Machinery

Increased use of special equipment was just the first step to precise AG in the form as we have it now. Besides that, automation solutions were created to make all the processes in the field to be performed accurately and thoughtfully. These precision farming systems include:
  • Robotic solutions. First of all, robots are used for weed out routines. They can also collect yield data or accurately fertilize the soil when point solutions are required.
  • GPS guidance systems are also a multi-functional solution provided for tractors, harvesters, sprayers etc. With GPS data corrected by RTK, the accuracy of tractor routes increases. These precision agriculture systems also help to minimize human factors in the fieldwork due to the option of auto-steering provided by these systems. As an example, FieldBee GPS Guidance systems can be considered.
  • Telematic technologies that consider data exchange between devices and machinery items i.e. for weeding out or injecting herbicides.
  • Precision sowing and fertilizing are also provided via automated devices and GPS technologies. Rational seed and fertilizer consumption can be implemented with it.
All these solutions can be easily integrated both on a small farm and on a big agriculture enterprise. They are highly profitable as the increase of yield amount and time economy along with rational use of machinery help to save money in a long-lasting perspective.
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