Even though historically the farming industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, today, most farmers are at least aware of many new developments in the world of agriculture. This includes genetically modified seeds, modern irrigation systems, weather sensors, drones, etc. However, there are many revolutionary agriculture technologies that have remained under the radar for most farmers up until now. In this article, we will discuss some of the most exciting new technologies in agriculture you probably haven’t heard about.

See and Spray technology

See and Spray technology has been developed by the Blue River startup. This company uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect one specific weed – Palmer amaranth and spray it with herbicides. This technology can potentially save lots of time and manpower while minimizing the overapplication of herbicides and the development of herbicide-resistant weeds.

Nitrogen management systems

Today, more and more people are talking about the downsides and dangers of the excessive application of fertilizers on farms. In light of this, numerous programs that can monitor and improve the efficiency of nitrogen-based fertilizers are being developed. These systems can help farmers determine the best times and rates for applying fertilizers in their fields.

SmartFirmer by Precision Planting

SmartFirmer is a revolutionary soil sensor that allows farmers to get all the necessary information about the soil conditions in a seed trench. The information provided by the sensor includes soil moisture levels, organic content, furrow residue, and more. This technology has the potential to significantly increase yields on farms across the world.

Autosteer technology

While tractor autosteer technology is becoming more and more common on farms around the world, its benefits are so significant that it definitely deserves a mention in this article. With a tractor autosteer, farmers can significantly reduce overlaps and gaps in their fields, minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides, alleviate operator fatigue, and free up tractor drivers to do other work. While most big-name tractor autosteer solutions are usually too expensive for owners of smaller farms, FieldBee is making this new technology affordable without compromising on quality.

Final thoughts

Over the past few decades, farmers have gained access to countless new devices, systems, and software programs that allow them to optimize the use of resources, reduce costs, and increase yields. While many of these technologies still exist only as prototypes or are in the beginning stages of finding their way onto farms, it’s important for agriculture professionals to be aware of new technological developments. After all, only farmers who can keep up with new technologies and optimize their operations will remain competitive in the increasingly more difficult business environment.