It seems like there’s an app for everything in the modern world. Whether you want to socialize with your friends and family, order food, or even find out the name of a pretty flower you see in a park, you can easily find an app to do it. Unsurprisingly, there are also lots of apps that make farmers’ lives easier. However, many farmers don’t even know that most of these apps exist. In this article, we will talk about some of the things modern apps for farming can do.

Navigate and steer tractors around fields automatically

There are numerous tractor navigation apps that can be used to guide tractors around the fields when performing different operations, much like the apps that guide your car when you’re driving around. However, some of these apps can also be paired with autosteer systems that automatically guide them across fields in a predetermined pattern with up to 1-centimeter precision. One example of this is the FieldBee navigation app and autosteer system – an affordable solution for small and medium-sized farms.

Create farm maps

Farm and field maps are excellent tools that can help farmers optimize the use of their land, increase yields, minimize the waste of water and chemicals, etc. These maps can range from simple to extremely detailed and advanced depending on the technology used to create them.

Socialize with other farmers

Today, social media is everywhere and farms are not an exception! There are multiple social media platforms such as Ag Fuse dedicated specifically to helping farmers connect with other agriculture professionals to socialize, discuss issues, and share experience.

Make your farm more environmentally friendly

Making a farm more sustainable and eco-friendly is not an easy task but there are numerous apps that simplify it for farmers. These apps can help you optimize fertilizer and herbicide usage, minimize greenhouse emissions, reduce the use of water on your farm, etc.

Hire farm workers

Many farms all over the world experience severe labor shortages, with farmers struggling to find skilled help. Fortunately, apps like AgBulter or Farm Hand make it easy to find gig workers who are looking for work in the agricultural sector in your local area.

Final thoughts

Apps for farming can provide lots of advantages for farmers all over the world. They give agriculture professionals an affordable and easy way to find workers for the farm, create maps of the property, improve sustainability, navigate machinery across fields, and even find like-minded individuals on farming social media apps.