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What else is required for the functioning of the system?

For the functioning of the system you will need:
  • An android tablet/smartphone. Here is a list of recommended devices.
  • Bluetooth should be enabled.
  • Registration with your local NTRIP provider (if you use system with NTRIP) and the following information: IP address, Port, Login and Password, Recommended Mount points (if you don’t have your own RTK Base station)

Can I connect another antenna to the FieldBee RTK Base station?

To receive correction from FieldBee RTK Base station, the antenna needs to receive NMEA messages in RTCM x3 format, also receive GGA, VTG messages, update rate can be 5 or 10 Hz. For autosteer, it is needed to set up a baud rate for the 115200.

Possible connection:

  • GGA at 5Hz -yes
  • VTG at 5Hz – yes
  • GSA at 1Hz - yes
  • GSV at 1Hz – yes
  • GST at 1Hz – yes
  • ZDA at 1Hz – yes
  • Baud Rate of 115200 – yes
The best way to know is to try it.
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