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How to check if my tractor is compatible with an autosteer?

We have autosteer kits for many different tractor models and successful installation on tractors of 30-year-olds and even older.

Can I change the automatic steering system between tractors?

Yes, it is possible to change one system between multiple tractors. For this, you will need an additional switch kit for every tractor. The cost of the switch kit is 500 euro.

Whats the difference between Autosteer Kit and Autosteer system?

Major differences are in package parts. Autosteer Kit include:
  • MDU-64
  • ECU-S1 controller
    (To this set we offer suitable RS 232 cable)
Autosteer System include:
  • FieldBee Tractor GPS Navigation App;
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver ( L1 or L2 );
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station (L1 or L2 );
  • FieldBee Autosteer Kit.
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