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What is the price of an automatic steering system?

The price depends on the tractor model and the type of installation. The system has built-in terrain compensation and will provide very high repeatable accuracy of up to +/-1 cm. You can request the offer for the autosteer here.

What exactly does your standard autosteer offer include?

The standard package consists of:
  • FieldBee Tractor GPS navigation app for 1 year.
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS receiver (L1 or L2);
  • FieldBee Autosteer kit;
This can be extended with special kits depending on the tractor brand and an RTK base station.

How does the antenna connect to the automatic steering system?

Antenna connect to Autosteer system via cable. Watch the video about autosteer system:

What is a difference between Autosteer Kit and Autosteer system?

Major differences are in package parts.

Autosteer Kit include:

  • MDU-64
  • ECU-S1 controller
(To this set we offer suitable RS 232 cable)

Autosteer System include:

  • FieldBee Tractor GPS Navigation App;
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS Receiver ( L1 or L2 );
  • FieldBee RTK GNSS Base Station (L1 or L2 );
  • FIeldBee Autosteer Kit.
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