Connect via L1 Toolbox

How to connect L1 via Toolbox?

Start initial set up by locating FieldBee GNSS receiver at 1-1,5 m height above the ground and wide-open area.
Download FieldBee toolbox from Play Store, following the link.

  • Turn FieldBee receiver on.
  • Open FieldBee toolbox app
  • Choose FieldBee;
  • Tap FieldBee serial number to continue setup;

Connect FieldBee GNSS receiver to the Internet. Connecting the receiver to an available WiFi network:

  • tap WiFi connection;
  • tap one of available WiFi networks;
  • input password for this network;
  • tap Connect button;
  • *wait until FieldBee will become connected to WiFi network;
  • FieldBee is connected to the WiFi network.

2 thoughts on “Connect via L1 Toolbox

  1. Hi I use a fieldbee GNSS L1 receiver.

    Recently, It can no longer connect wifi.

    In fieldbee toolbox, it can’t find wifi network. When I reset Wifi module, it shows TimeoutException: The source did not signal an event for 5000 milliseconds.

    Can I have repair support?

    Osamu Kagami

    1. Hello! Our Customer Care Team will contact you soon about the issue. Please, check your email occasionally.

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