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How to change the language in the app?

When you open the FieldBee app, you need to go to the Menu (top left icon) -> Settings → Language and change it. From the version 6.4.0 you have opportunity to choose the language immediately after launching the application.

How can I update the app to the latest version?

To update the FieldBee app to the latest version, please, go to Play market, open FieldBee app and press the 'Update' button.

Is it possible to receive both raw measurements and RTK corrected coordinates?

Yes, it is. Raw data (or NMEA messages) save at your device in log files

Is the data I saved during the trial period available after buying a subscription?

Yes, you can access the data you saved during the FieldBee trial period after buying the Premium subscription for the app.

Does application work in offline mode?

Yes, you may use the FieldBee app offline while you are driving in the fields. All your tracks are saved to the device and will be synced after getting Internet access. FieldBee app needs Internet connection only for data synchronization (Sign In, Sign Up and saving tracks to the cloud storage)

Can I import/export files into the app?

Yes, you can import SHP map files in our Web app.
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