What is the price of an automatic steering system?

The price is starting from 4999 Euro. It depends on the tractor model and the type of installation. The system has built-in terrain compensation and will provide very high repeatable accuracy of up to +/-1 cm. You can request the offer for the autosteer here.

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What exactly does your standard autosteer offer include?

The standard package consists of:

This can be extended with special kits depending on the tractor brand and an RTK base station.

4 thoughts on “Price

  1. Hi fieldbee auto steer price please

    1. Dear Mr. Vincent! Our manager will contact you soon. Please, check you email box.

  2. Hi , I have used your Fieldbee app on the free version which is just OK.
    I have just tried the premium 14 day trial and was not very impressed with the guidance, it varied from about 48cm off line to 4 m and then to 8m even though I was driving on the same heading. Does the accuracy improve on the paid version?

    1. Hello Brian, the accuracy which you get is the same on the Premium and Free versions – GPS (about 2.5 m but can vary). To get cm accuracy you have to set up an external antenna (FieldBee L1/L2 receiver) then you will have about 30 cm accuracy (without RTK) and up to 2 cm (with RTK).

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