The system updates every few seconds. What should I do?

There is a possibility to change GPS frequency in the FieldBee navigation app settings. So it can be faster updated and displayed your position.

You can edit the update rate to 5 and 10 Hz in settings (GPS frequency). It will help you work processing in future.

I don’t have internet in the field, will it work?

You can receive correction from the RTK Base station in two modes:

  • via the Internet or
  • via radio.

You can work in radio mode without the internet. In this case, the radius of the RTK signal is 2+ km and the RTK Base station needs to be in the line of sight of the tractor.

Is the data I saved during the trial period available after buying a subscription?

Yes, you can access the data you saved during the FieldBee trial period after buying the Premium subscription for the app.

How can I update the app to the latest version?

To update FiledBee app to the latest version, please, go to Play market, open FieldBee app and press “Update” button.

Is it possible to receive both raw measurements and RTK corrected coordinates?
Raw data is saved to the log files on the device, these are NMEA messages with corrected coordinates.

How to set up your FieldBee?

Here you can find the latest guides on how to set up your FieldBee.

As well you can get some tips here.

Is there NTRIP provider in my country?

Here you can find the list of NTRIP providers.

If you didn’t find your NTRIP provider in the list try to find it yourself.

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